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morning smells and dr who.

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Does anyone else ever wake up, due to new smells?

ever since the wife came back, she wakes me up around 3 or 4 with cooking.
minus the couple of times she set off the smoke alarm how she was burning, err, i mean cooking.

end result is last couple of months i have getting on AVG about 4 hours of sleep a day. oh well i very well cant tell the wife she cant burn food, i mean cook food.

oh yea, and i had really strange dream today i had tardis on a dolly, and people where chasing me,, yea i know strange.
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I wake up to strange smells too. . . hence if someone is cooking. DH can never suprise me with Breakfast because the moment I smell it I am awake! lol
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I'm alergic to the strong smells of spray deodorant, after shaves etc that my sons use. Years ago when my youngest son was in primary school he bought his father a fathers day present from school of talcum powder & socks. My husband leaves for work around 5 am & one morning I awoke from a sound sleep gasping for air at the window bc of the strong, awful smell of the powder. It was promptly put in the bin. My husband thinks my sensitive nose is a joke. I told him it was no joke if something smelled so strong that it could wake me up.
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I love to wake up to morning cooking smells, that means Dh is makeing waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, it is the only thing he can cook, but they are so yummy (it also means he is in a really good mood)
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when i was a kid, my mother used to hvae to wait until she was on the way to work before she could put perfume cause it would wake me up with coughing fits.
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I wake up to the smell of coffee every morning even though I don't even drink coffee. My downstairs neighbor's coffee maker comes on at 7 A.M.. His kitchen is right below my bedroom. He also likes cinnamon toast as well which smell good enough to make me get up to make my own breakfast

I return the favor by making popcorn in the late evening which usually sends him in search of a midnight snack.
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