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Do any of you give your cat vitamins? I give my kitten (four months old) two Nu-Cat vitamins a day. He eats Wellness canned and dry food. I know he probably doesn't need the vitamins, I just feel better giving them to him. My adult cat will only eat the Wellness dry, or sometimes she will eat Evolve dry, but she won't touch the canned or even the vitamins. She won't eat any treats at all. But the baby loves the vitamins. Just curious if anyone gives vitamins. Becky Alvarez
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Well, I've never used it, but I want to whenever I get the money someday.

I do know a lot of people who use this and they say it works great for their cats!
You can just sprinkle a little on their food, or mix it in with their food, it's suppose to be completely tasteless and oderless (it's a powder). So your cats will never know their even eating it.

Missing Link Vitamins

This has been said before recently, and I agree, that no one, us, pet owners, or the pet food companies know what is really a complete diet for our animals. No matter how high of a grade of food you feed, even if you feed a RAW/BARF diet, they could still be missing out on something, and the proper vitamins on a daily basis is great!

Just like humans, we try to eat right (well some of us) every single day, and there are also millions of us who take multivitamins every day! And I can garuntee you probably over 50% of what we eat daily is healthier and a better grade and what you will find in MOST petfoods, lol.

You can speak with your vet first, make sure your cat isn't allergic to anything specific (dietary related), I don't know of any vet that would object to a healthy or even unhealthy cat getting vitamins, unless there was an extra special circumstance.
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I used the Missing Link product for a while, but now I just sprinkle some spirulina powder, vitamin C, and sometimes colostrum on their wet food and stir it in. They don't mind it at all. Wellness and the other better quality brands have a lot of vitamins in them already, so I decided not to use additional vitamins for now, other than the above mentioned.
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