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All alone!

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I went away for Thanksgiving, the longest time I've left Zane alone since Father died. I left on Tuesday AM and came back on Sat AM.

I had a neighbor come in and feed him, but aside from that he was on his own.

When I came back on Sat. at about 7:00 am, he was very glad to see me. As I had been on the bus all night, I was exhausted, so I got undressed and went to bed; a large, furry, purring lump appeared next to me. I spent most of the day in bed, much to Zane's pleasure, but he's been Velcro Kitty ever since. (I also took a nap Sun. afternoon--again, he liked it as much as I did.)
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Beauty's a bit like that - if I've been out all day when I come in she materialises as if from nowhere.
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Naps are great when you have an expert helping.
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I bet he was soooooo glad you came home. Must have thought he'd been deserted. Try & leave him alone again!
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