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This is SPUD!

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Hi this my old cat spud who went missing a few months ago and no one knows what happened to him
I miss him loads and I hope where ever he is he is happy, he was abandoned on our yard so I sort of adopted him as he followed me everywhere. Being a yard cat and a tom I think he just moved on, here is a pic of him anyway and his unusual high tail carraige

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Spud is a really cute cat! It must be hard not to have him around. Who knows though... maybe he'll show up again some day!
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I hope so, he is a tom so anythings possible.
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well you know, us guys never like to stay in one spot for long period of time.
he is a nice looking black cat
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Awww how cute! Tom cats do have a thing for wondering off. You never know, he might make it back to your place some day. Especially if you have an in heat female around
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