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Need some advice

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Hi, I am new here and I am sure glad to find you all. I LOVE all cats and kittens and it is so great to find others who share my interest.

Here is my problem:
I just rescued a 2 kittens about 3 months old that were I am assuming "put out" a couple of weeks ago. The one that I am concerned about is having trouble with diarrhea off and on. I have keeped it on a consistant diet. Meaning, when I first brought it in, I made the mistake of giving it too rich of a can cat food. That is when it started. I then immediately changed it to a dry kitten formula (Friskee's)and the problem cleared up. Now after 2 weeks of no problems, the poor little thing has it again. No change in diet since the inital time. I wormed it 4 days ago to see if that would correct the problem but so far no luck. It is almost like the kitten most times has no control over it. It has used the litter box from day 1 and still continues to do so, so I know it is no fault of the kitten. It just has "accidents" all of the time. Is there any thing I can try first before the trip to the vet? I live in a rural area and between my work schedule and the vet's office hours, it is so hard to get an appointment. I have also made sure I keep plenty of water for it and it is drinking that fine. Her appettite is great too. Other than the diarrhea, the kitten seems perfectly normal and healthy.

BTW, the other kitten which I am told is a sister to this one is A-1 perfect health!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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What has the vet said about the symptoms? In my experience, my vets have always been really nice helping me over the phone as best they could.

I really couldn't begin to guess at what is wrong with your kitty but I would get to the vet as soon as possible. You never know what it could be and kitties that young can get really sick. Well, all ages can, but you know what I mean
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