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F1 Bengal Girl

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Pictures of Bakula, now 6 months old. 50% Asian Leopard Cat, 50% Bengal SBT

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Ooo, I love that last pic - she's smiling!
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WOW !!!

I'm adopting two Bengals in 2 weeks. They're F7 though ! Your's so beautiful ! Wow! She must be quite crazy with F1 genes
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she's gorgeous!! love that nose
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She's absolutely stunning Nial! Welcome back.
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What a beauty! I bet she's a talker too
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Aww she is so pretty.
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Ohhhhhh she's gorgeous!!! I love her rosettes! Nice to see you again Nial

What's her personality like? When can we expect to see kittens??
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she is really beautiful!
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She is a pretty girl! How big will she get? Any idea?
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well i am thinking i have room fro one more,
please just send her on over
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Oh she is so beautiful, look at her pretty face
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She's gorgeous. That last picture is beautiful!

What is "F1" and "F7" etc?
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OMG!!! she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
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F1, F7... generations since the wildcat cross. So you can expect the temperament to become more and more like a housecat as the numbers get bigger.
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Oh my word she's a beauty Nial!! But you know i can see Jacks face when i look at her?
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
What is "F1" and "F7" etc?
The "F" represents Filial or Foundation, depending on who you talk to. Filial is the proper term, with F1-F3, comprising the Foundation generations. All subsequent generations, F4 and later are refered to as SBT, (stud book tradition) and are eligible to compete in the showhall.

F1 is the first generation offspring from a mating of an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat, normally a bengal.
F2 is the resulting offspring from a mating between a F1 and a bengal cat.
And so on.....

F1 through F3 are considered bengal cats and are eligible for special registration with TICA, but they are not allowed to compete in shows. The Asian Leopard Cat is also registered.
This allows these cats to be found in pedigree's and we bengal breeders can trace our cats back to the founding ALC's.
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I love the last pic. That little grin makes her look she is up to something.
She is just beautiful!
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WOW! They are such pretty cats!!!! She is gorgeous!
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Woah stunning moggy
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One word for her: GORGEOUS!!!!

ohh Nial- what a beautiful new addition!!
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