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Vibes for my cousin please!!!!!

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My cousin has been in a relationship with a gal for about 4 years now. She's not someone you would be proud of, not even if you were her mother. Long story short she had a health problem and only had 1 year to have a baby. She met my cousin and they were pregnant about 2 months later. Their little girl grew up, 2 years old now, and they were constantly fighting. The gal wouldn't let my cousin bring her to our family things, only hers ect ect.

Well, they ended up divorced because the gal was cheating for about a year. Now this gal is still with her boyfriend but he is an ex con!!!! He has been to jail several times and this last time he just got out for having illegal guns, and assualt!!! This ex con beats the gal my cousin was married to and he is fighting for total custody of his child because he doesn't want his daughter around that sort of stuff. Even his mother-in-law, who didn't like my cousin before, is on his side and tells her daughter that if she doesn't leave this guy she's fighting on my cousins side for him to get total custody.

She signed papers saying that he has temorary total custody, so it should be halfway easy for him to get custody. Please send him vibes!!!! It's so sad that she is choosing a guy that beats her over her own daughter
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for keeping this little one safe.
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Lots of vibes form me!!! I would that to happen to someone I loved. I hope the right choice is made!!
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