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Mischivious Mellow

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Mellow is generally a good cat, he stays away and is completely uninterested in human food, the only time he pesters me while I am cooking is if I am cutting up raw chicken, which I will often give him a little taster of. I have tried giving him other raw and cooked meats, but he turns his nose up at them, so we don't have to worry about him trying for a taste of our meals if we leave them unattended!

However, on Friday Will was eating a pretzel, one of those crunchy ones, not the kind that is fresh cooked, and he decided to leave it on the couch while he went to the bathroom, I was sat in the den and heard Will say, 'The cat has stolen my pretzel' I didn't believe him, but Mellow had taken his pretzel and dragged it on the floor and was licking it!

He also loves to drink out of our glasses, now often cats who don't have fresh water will attempt to drink out of human glasses because its nice and fresh, however, Mellow has 2 bowls of water, that are both fresh everyday! he will actually follow a glass around and meow to be allowed to drink from it, we obviously don't encourage this, however when I found Mellow having a drink from my glass when I came back to the computer on Saturday, I had to film it!

Mellow likes to make sure that we get up when our alarm goes off, as soon as he hears it, he runs in to the bedroom and jumps up on to the bed, he then starts to poke us until we get up, or until we ignore him and he realizes we are going back to sleep. The whole time he pokes us he purrs really loudly and normally puts his nose on any part of skin thats above the covers.

This morning after Will left for work, Mellow decided it was time for me to get up, he kept poking me, now at some stage he must have got bored and given up because when I woke up properly he had his head on my Pillow next to me and I had his paw in my hand! it was very cute.

Three very short clips:


Sorting through the trash


I thought I would include two pictures to show how much his apearance has changed since we got him too.

This first picture is his first night home with us in July 2007 he is aproximatly a year old.

And this is him now, he has filled out a lot, he weighs 14lb but doesn't look overweight, I think he still has some growing to do, he has a very long body and legs.

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Aw, Mellow is such a cutie! and apparently likes salt!
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Very first picture is
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He is a very handsome boy!
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He's a very handsome boy! My boyfriend's RB cat, Cato, liked Doritos- rather the cheesy-flavored salt on them, and cantaloupe. He did like human food, too, in particular turkey.

One time, my boyfriend told me that he fixed a plate of chicken for himself, set it on the dining table and got up to get a drink. In the few seconds that it took him to go into the kitchen and pour some soft drink, Cato had jumped on the table and sunk his front claws into the chicken and was trying to drag it away! He was not a spry kitten at the time but rather about 18-19 years old!

I would give him chicken and turkey carcass scraps whenever I could. He was old and a wonderful cat and if he wanted a nibble, well then, ok.
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post

I just love this picture. He looks like he is saying "Aha! I spy something I want to pounce on!"

I love the trash kitty too. He certainly is a cute boy, with an endearing personality.
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