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Anybody watch Joe Millionaire tonight?

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I know we have discussed this in the Reality TV thread, but don't actually have a seperate thread for it I don't think, although I guess it is kinda late to start one now, but what the heck.

I used to like Melissa, but now I think she is just in it for the money. I wasn't sorry to see her go, although to be quite honest, I would MUCH rather have seen that superficial (sp?) Sarah go tonight!!! I REALLY can't stand her!!! She is so obviously only after his money and the little comment about how he was "rough around the edges" And she keeps making comments about how she can "change" him. I really wanted her to get the boot!

I really like Zora!!! Is it just me or does she remind anyone of Caroline from "Sex and the City"?
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Debby, I really like Zora too. Isn't it too funny how she had that dream about him being two people? Zora's actually originally from Boulder, Colorado so of course the day the show premiered they had a little interview with her and her mother. Funny thing is that her mother said that Zora has always been a little bit psychic and knew all along that something about it wasn't right. LOL

OMG, Evan has to be some kind of stupid not to see through Sarah's ploy. I guess she's easy and that counts for something in most men's book.

I wasn't sorry to see Melissa go this week. She was so two-faced. I was happy to see that he did decide to keep the one good one out of the three left.

I was surprised to see MoJo get booted last week. She did come on a bit strong, though, with the puzzle and poem. Have you noticed that he booted the two girls who totally threw themselves at him - MoJo and Melissa? His reason for booting her couldn't have been more off. I don't think Mojo cared about the money, and writing yourself a check for $1 million. although a bit odd, to me shows ambition not gold digging.
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I think he just kept Sarah because she put out. Went to his room to look at the moon. Yeah, right!
I think it will be Zora in the end. She seems like she may actually be relieved that he's not really rich. It seems like the money has turned out to be a lot of pressure for her. I think she really likes him.
Has anyone else heard about Sarah's foot fetish and bondage films? Not hardcore porn, but she neglected to mention it, and it got out. OOOOPS!
I was disappointed in Melissa. She didn't seem so shallow and gold digging until it got down to just 3. I picked her and Zora the first week.
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I had to laugh when they were on the beach, and the so-called sophisticated woman said, "Gee Evan, wasn't that cool? We just saw the sun setted!" LOL
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I laughed at the word setted. I pointed that out to Jake. Haha.
I wasnt sorry to see Melissa go either - she would be all nice to Evan to his face but when its behind his back, shes a totally different person.
I like Zora too.
I dont think Evan likes pushy women, judging by him not picking Mojo and Melissa - I liked Mojo but her mistake was giving him that poem.
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I really hope he picks Zora, she seems so honest and well grounded.
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Yes, but let's get real here a minute. How many women are going to stay with him once he lets out the secret? No woman I know likes a liar, and if can lie about having millions for the sake of a television show, some ratings and a taste at a life he might want to have- my thoughts would be, he could lie about anything.

I also had to laugh at his reaction around the bulldozers!
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I agree with Hissy, I hate liars. But then again, I wouldnt go on a show with the premise of trying to snag a multimillionaire.
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I agree with Rebecca, I think Zora would probably be relieved to find out he doesn't have money. I think Sarah would pour a glass of water on his head.
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I missed the whole show because the power went out in our area!!!

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I definitely think that he should pick Zora. Out of all the women, she deserves it the most. I CAN'T stand Sarah!!! She just looks and acts too snobby! She would probably definitely leave him if she found out that he didn't have the money. I can't wait until next week!!
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You see, the problem is, this is all televised. So, if she were to dump this guy because he doesn't have millions, imagine her life afterwards, she would NEVER get a date again cause everyone in America has seen her true self and would never want her. So she's screwed. If she says yes, she gets a liar for money, if she says no, she's branded for life in all of America that she's a gold-digger. She wouldn't be able to find a date anywhere's except overseas, if they don't get these channels. She HAS to accept.
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I like Zora!!!

She should definitely win, though for the same reasons I like her, I also think she won't want to stay with him once she finds out the truth. She's way to down to earth (or so it seems from what we've seen) and insecure, so how would she feel if he picked her and then told her this was all a game and she had been fooled the whole time. I think she'd be really upset. I don't think she'd care about the money, but just the deception and lies and knowing Evan did this on purpose.

Though really I am just surprised that someone like her (or how she seems from the episodes) would even agree to do something like this!?!
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i like Zora too, that's why i don't want her to win, she can do way better than someone like Evan.

what a moron

sarah is obviously only in it for the

i mean, that girl doesn't even try to hide it!
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Well said blue.
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I have only seen one show like this, rerun every night for about a week or so. It seemed to me that guy had more time to get to know the girls and make a decision, and the final two seemed to be in love.
On this show I don't think anyone has had enough time to make a lifetime commitment, but I hope(for his sake) that Evan chooses Zora. I don't think the deception will go over well either. However, gossip on E says there's a remote possibility that he DOES have money, and that we're all being fooled. I didn't like Sarah's remark about him being "rough around the edges", but that she could straighten that out-or words to that effect. Phony!
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Sarah annoys me, too, with her comments about changing him. First of all, you can't. And if you really like someone, you accept their faults.

Is anyone else tired of Evan constantly complaining about how guilty he feels? Get over it! He knew what he was in for when he signed on to the show. He is living a fantasy life for a few months, so he should just stop. My feeling is that the producers of the show are telling him to keep mentioning the guilt. It is starting to sound a little fake, IMO.
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I agree with you Brenda, IMO he is just trying to make himself sound like he has a conscience but like you said he knew what he was in for when he signed up for the show.
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It's on tonight, is he going to reveal the lie with the two remaining women, or is he going to wait until he chooses *the special one?*
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It's on tonight? What time???
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Oops........8:00 but it's a rerun- sorry lost track of the days...
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I am dying to hear what the big secret is! Almost everyone on the website seems to think he's gay. What do you think?
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Evan, gay? No way!
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Gay? Not the way he has been pawing on Sarah! LOL So what did happen under that blanket while they were "looking at the moon"?
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