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Sunflower and Lady

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I think I might have found a home for these two darlings of mine...a man from my dad's work said he wants a kitten for his two daughters for Christmas. However, he said A cat, and his wife wants a black and white/dark colored and white female. Well, I've got a dark colored and white male and a tabby female...does that work?

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures this morning in hopes that the two of them will strike the guy's fancy and he'll take both of them. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that he will.

The pictures:


Lady and Sunflower

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they are sweet babies,
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Awwwww!! So soft and squidgy-looking lol
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They are both so cute
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They are adorable!!
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Awwww! They remind me of Connor & Princess when they were babies
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How could anyone turn those two down

It would break my heart to see them split's some that they get a new furever home together!
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They are the cutest little things! And although it would be great for them to stay together... I sure hope he takes at least one of them!
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Oh my heavens! They are so cute! That one shot of them together, both looking at the camera is good enough for a kitten calendar!
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aww what sweet little ones!!
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OMG Where is the Cuteness Warning?!

That last picture is just priceless. Lady is going to have a smiley face like Peep's. Sunflower looks like he is going to be a big snuggle boy.

I don't know how anyone seeing those pictures could resist...or separate the two.

Sending lots of forever home vibes for these cuties.
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Wow, they are precious! I hope they go to a wonderful forever home, together
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The guy actually got a different kitten on Sunday. It's not fair that he asked for pictures, we got them, and then he says he actually got another one. It'd be one thing if he said ours weren't what he was looking for, but this makes me angry...
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