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i love CSI

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and it's on tonight on TNN & CBS
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I have never watched it but I have heard it is really good!! Isn't it kind of a forensic science/detective drama? I think I will have to check it out soon!!! I usually really like that kind of stuff!
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i also Third Watch and ER.
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I used to watch Dark Angel all the time, but then they stopped filming it. It was also a sci-fi drama. Filmed in Vancouver but the story-line was Seattle.
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I love CSI too!!! Debby, check it out. It's a really great show. Sometimes a little on the "yuck" side but I just look away for a second and I'm fine. Hey.....this is a pretty big step for me. From Digimon and Pokemon to CSI. I just need to adjust....
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I love CSI too. CSI Miami isnt as good as CSI, but still good. I love Crossing Jordan too. I love science.
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My husband and I are CSI fanatics as well! We can't wait till Thursdays!
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Sharper - if feels like a long way til thursdays doesnt it?
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do you ever watch CSI Miami? It was on last night and was pretty good. I don't like all of the episodes but last nights was one of the better ones.

Those vegas CSI guys are hot!
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Last night was an episode I missed! What that woman did was grisley!
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What woman Hissy? Last night a man did unto what his attacker did to him, to put it mildly. I dont know if I can repeat some words here.
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Oh, I was talking about the real CSI not the wanna-be one in Miami...
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OHHH that one! I prefer the original too. I think Grissom is cute.
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hubba hubba.....for the bug man!

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I love CSI.... both of them!!

and of course Buffy.... and Survivor....

and have just recently been enjoying Law and order...

Since, ya know, im a man of leasure now.....
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You should all watch "Without a Trace". Its on right after CSI on thursday. Its really good! It's about a team of federal agents who try to track down missing people before its too late.

BTW I LOVE CSI. CSI miami is good, but sometimes I think they get a little too dramatic. I'm more interested in the forensic stuff.
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yeah, i like CSI a lot better than CSI: Miami, but CSI: Miami is o.k.

colby -- i agree, they've had a few really good ones, but in general, they don't compare to CSI,
though last night's was pretty good.

i love Law & Order, we've been watching that for years.

Without a Trace is o.k., they've had some pretty good episodes.

i can't wait for Survivor: Amazon to start it should be interesting.
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I love BOTH CSI! I have to be up at 5 AM for work,so the nights it;s on I tape them and then watch them the next day.{I am in bed by 10)
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I enjoy 'Without a Trace' quite a bit. (I like Anthony LaPaglia

I watch the two CSI's and while I like the shows, I don't find the main characters that appealing. I'm not sure why. I'm a bigtime L&O fan, and like the Special Victims version a lot. The one on Sunday is sort of a dud, with their 'genius' detective.

I like cop shows the best. I loved Kojak when I was little lol and
NYPD Blue remains my favorite tv show. I grew up across from the park that they show sometimes, and once had a summer job in the precinct whose exterior you see on the show.
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wooooooooo !! it's the night for t.v. it would appear

a 90 minute CSI! i can hardly wait, from what i could tell from the previews,
it looks like it will be amazing
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Kindred spirits! Cat freaks, and CSI fans! We're one season behind you, because the show (CSI Las Vegas) is dubbed in German, and we won't be getting "CSI Miami" until the fall. I got hooked while visiting family in the States (Grissom is my favorite - will he ever have a sex life?). My husband says I'm morbid, because I watch "The FBI Files", a German clone ("Wahre Verbrechen" = True Crimes), and "Autopsy" every Sunday evening, and "CSI" and "Medical Detectives" every Wednesday evening. Other than that, just news and documentaries. A lot of my students watch the shows, too. I like "true crime" books, too(Ann Rule, et al). A lot of the stuff is weirder than fiction.
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Wow...I'm missing out! I'll have to jump on the CSI bandwagon and see what's up!
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Grissom had sex on last night's show!It's about time!
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he did? I thought they were just building up to it when he realised about the injector thingy.
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nope,he relized it the next morning!
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they could have showed it!
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YA,Where's the fun with no butt shot?
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Thanks for the update! I'm going to have to wait a whole year for it. Was it with Sarah?
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nope, Madam Heather...if she's introduced in this season, which I think she was you haven't seen her yet.

They could have at least showed a kiss!
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Is CSI like Law & Order? Or Crossing Jordan? I don't think I've ever seen it. I've watched a few eps. of L&O: SVU (or was Criminal Intent? It was one of those L&O spin-off shows) and can't say I really enjoyed it. HOWEVER... I'm completely hooked on Third Watch... and while it was playing... Due South. I like Law and Order also... though I prefer the Law part of the show!

I tape Third Watch on A&E and watch it the next day (I'm not staying up t'ill 11 to watch TV! As my mom says... I turn into a pumpkin after 10! lol) with my mother... It's scary to see a 55 year old woman with gray hair bopping along to opening credits music! lol but she seems to enjoy it so I let her bop. I will NOT however, let her sing along!
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