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Question of the Day- November 26th

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after a short hiatus.....

ok, so I'll be honest, I'm running low on ideas for QOD so today's QOD is

If you were in charge of the QOD, what would you ask? No answers, please, save those for when I use your question!
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What is your favorite flower

Who would you most like to meet

If you could own any animal what would it be, money is not an issue

If you could run a shelter what animals would you take in, why or why not

What Countries have you been to

What country are you from

What is your grandmothers name

Where do you get on TCS the most

Why did you join TCS

If you never had to work again what would you do

If you were the last person on earth what would you do

If you could go to space would you

How old was the oldest relative that you knew personally

How old were you when you had your first kiss

Where you a goody two shoes or the devils spawn

What was your favorite class in College/High School

Those are just a few that I could think of
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Welcome back from your hiatus

My QOD would be, "what is the largest # of people you have fallen flat on your hooha in front of?"
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What one word describes you on a good day and on a bad day?

Do you have a vanity license plate? If you don’t but could, what would you want it to say?

How often do you experience buyer’s remorse?

What would you buy all of us if you had won a million dollars?

What modern day convenience would you be willing to give up for the rest of your life?

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for an entire season, which show would you choose?
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I like that last one babyharley. Please use that Katie so I can answer it!!!

Ok, lets have a think

Lets think Christmas:

What is your favourite Christmas food?

What your Christmas cooking speciality?

What would you most like to get for Christmas?

What would make Christmas extra special this year? Why?

What colour theme is your Christmas decorations?

How many rooms do you decorate?

Do you have outdoor light for Christmas?

How much is too much to spend on Christmas Presents for your SO?

Will your pets be dressed up for Christmas?
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"How many pets have you owned in your whole life and what were their names and species?"

"If you could buy anything in the world (money not an issue) what would you buy and why?"

"What was your first word when you were a baby?" LOL

That's all my little pea brain can think of hehe :laughing:
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Ok, got some more:

If you were on the Jerry Springer show, why would you be on there?

If you could trade places with your SO, or best friend, what would you do?

What would you do if you woke up after a "great night" and you had Kermit the Frog tattood on your forehead?

Have you ever had road rage and honked or flipped the bird to someone you knew?

What year has been your favorite so far? Why?

What would you do if you found your daughter/son at a strip club, on the pole! (if/when you have a child that age)

If your parents split would you be surprised?

If your friend cheated on their spouse would you support their decision?

If your spouse/SO cheated on you, would you want them to tell you, a friend to tell you, or never find out?

Have you ever been to Disney World?
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These are all great!! Keep 'em comin'!
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Another couple of Christmas ones:
Color or White lights?

Best Christmas present you've ever received?

Hardest person to shop for?

And some others:
Just to mix it up, Favorite dog breed?

Favorite song lyric or quote?

Are you a crafty person?

Bake yourself or buy?

Favorite comfort food?
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