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Nok Out

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I've read about Nok Out enzyme cleaner on this site and was wondering if anyone out there has tried it lately. Most of the posts I pulled up in my search were a few years old. I've used OUT, Simple Solution, Stink Free, Nature's Miracle and Get Serious.

I've not used Nature's Miracle in quite a while now as I was never sure it worked very well. I don't think that the last time I tried it they had a separate formula for cats and I know they didn't have a citrus scented then.

I need something that works and does it fairly unobnoxiously - - smell doesn't get much worse after you put it down. Would also prefer something that's not heavily perfumed. I used to like Stink Free, but man after you've used it a couple of times, just the smell of the solution starts smelling like cat pee (guess my nose has a long term memory.

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I've used Urine Gone. I think it smells very nice and does a good job of neutralizing urine.
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I've used it recently and like it. It doesn't have the lingering smell like Urine Gone or Citrix Nature's Miracle (or should I say a different lingering smell that I still find tolerable). My favorite is Zero Odor, but it is very pricey and I reserve use of that more for spraying the upholstery where the dogs lay. That one has absolutely no lingering smell.
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