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My girl has a new little sister!

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This thread probably won't mean much if you didn't read my original thread in the Introduction section, but basically, my first cat passed away awhile ago and my remaining baby, Abby, has been doing well getting through it but I still felt she seemed lonely. She's a very social, friendly cat and I could tell she missed having another kitty to play with.

After much thought (taking on another cat is a big responsibility), I contacted a local rescue group and ended up bringing home a 3 month old female. I had spent extensive time with this particular kitten and found she had an amazing personality. Anyway, I brought her home and did proper introductions, figuring it would be days (if not months) before they'd take to eachother. To my amazement, they bonded THAT DAY! They immediately sniffed eachother over and then Abby led Zoe around the house on a "tour." That evening, we found them playing together. It has now been a month and they are inseperable.

I'm sorry if no one cares but I just wanted to share my happy ending with you all, I'm so incredibly happy that I was able to give Abby a new playmate, not to mention rescuing a cat who needed a home in the process. Yay!
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Valerie so blessed to hear that!!!! That is so awesome!!! So glad Abby has a new buddy to play with!! I'd love to see pics of zoey, and Abby too!!!
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That is wonderful news give Abby and her sister a big snuggle for me
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That's great news! I wish my kitties liked each other enough to pal around and cuddle with each other. They bearly tolerate one another and it's been 9 years that Abby has been here. I chaulk it up the lack of introduction that I did. I didn't know any better so I didn't have them separated and Chynna felt "invaded" and took to stalking and beating up on Abby which made Abby afraid of Chynna. Sometimes I think Chynna tries to play now but Abby is afraid of her and runs away screaming.
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Thank you all for the kind replies I'll try to get some pictures up soon. And Natalie I'm sorry your cats still have issues, I'd imagine that would be a really tough situation.
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