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Progress with Fearful Bengal

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I want to thank all who answered my question about a Bengal I adopted who would not allow herself to be touched. Uniformly, people told me to be patient. I was. Dakini is now about two and a half years old, and she adores me. She is still extremely fearful, but she follows me around the house and brings me her toys, begging me to play with her (I do!) Recently, she advanced from sniffing my hand when I hold it out to her (instead of running away): She now lets me pet her in the morning, when she's curled up in one of her two sleeping spots. At first, she trembled when I touched her, but hung in there, obviously wanting to please me. Now she's pretty nonchalant. If she doesn't "assume the position" for petting, it's a signal she's not up for it, but that happens less and less. She has also settled down significantly in her interaction with her two (neutered male) companions. There is a real joy in gaining the love of one who is so needy and confused.
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Oh Happy Day! Such great news!

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You are definately one in a million for hanging in there and not giving up. Thanks so much!!
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Is Dakini a F3 or less? If she is an F4 or higher the it could very well be that the what I call the "wild gene" came back through. When I got my Loki a bouncing baby bengal boy who will be 3 in March I was told he was very very very very very very shy and if they did not find a home for him they either would have turned him into a barn cat or euthanized him because they could not sell a kitten that way (he was 7 months old). When I first met him he would not go near humans and even the woman that took care of him could not get near him. I just sat in the middle of the room where they kept him and let him circle me and when he came near me I pulled his tail - I wanted to see his reaction. Well, he just gave me a look of what are you doing lady and went his merry way. I decided then that we could work this out and took him home after he got spayed. With lots of patience and TLC he turned into the best velcro kitty ever and now sleeps with me tucked into my left arm pit. :0))
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I am so excited for you! That is excellent news!
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