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Cat tree 'lying hollow' query

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I have quite a large cat tree in my living room, it reaches from floor to ceiling, and has various platforms etc.

It also has a basket or 'lying hollow' (as the cat tree people call it) off one of the main posts. It's a basket made of soft material and a sturdy round rim. My 2 oriental blue cats LOVE this. They spend most of the day in there and lie there in the evening while we're watching tv.

The problem is, it's really designed for 1 cat. When they both pile in, the whole tree tips slightly to one side. The basket is FULL of cat, full to overflowing!

This cat tree is nearing the end of its life, its posts have been shredded and the basket is almost worn through. So I need to get a new one. I'm wondering if any of you know of a large cat tree with a strong & large 'lying hollow' - or a lying hollow that is supported on both sides rather than just hanging off a single post?

I am in the UK so any suggestions of trees available here would be fantastic. I would not rule out ordering from overseas though.

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And here are a few pics of them in the basket!
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oh chessy they are cute beyond words!!! Aww they are the cutest cuties!!! I love them!!
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my cat also lovesthe lyng hollow but the only one i can findisnt high enough off the ground ...she likes to be high up and look down

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I'm not seeing any pictures.  confused.gif

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I've never heard it called a lying hollow before lol Most of my trees have them and the cats just love curling up in there.


One of my big boys gets in and is often joined by a kitten or 2, now that is an overflowing basket! laughing02.gif

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I had heard them called "cat hammocks" if that helps in the search quest.   My ceilings are 10ft tall though, so I already abandoned my search for a prebuilt one and am just going to make my own when I get around to it.   My home improvement stores stock plenty of useful material in the plumbing section, since you could use either metal or PVC piping and clamps for shelf/hammock attachments, or simply use pegs drilled into the PVC if you use an oversized thick pipe.   I'm thinking PVC would be easier, since you could use a staple gun and simply wrap a couple long thin strips of covering material over it with the seam in the back out of site.

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