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strangest behavior!

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my cat loves to find places to put her nails
and also whenever i'm laying on my bed and she is too she'll be cleanign herself then come up to me and try to lick my face

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I'm a little confused about "finding a place to put her nails?" What exactly do you mean by that?

About her licking you, there's many reasons, and it's not uncommon actually. I've had a few cats that will/have done it. Some people think they do it to make you smell like them (their saliva) some people think they do it as a... you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, so they hope that you will return the favor some time (by licking them, or equally petting them.)

I know people who have licked their cats (like on the head) and they say it forms a stronger bond. I must confessed, I have licked Asim and Tage on the head a couple of times, lol Tage goes nuts over it, he's like "awwww mommy! I love you!"

Another reason is there's something tasty on your face, be it food, or salt, a lot of animals love to lick salt & make up off of their owners faces and hands.
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i also have a mirror i set on the floor for her and she loves to admire herself in it

and i meant she likes to scratch things
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Haha, I often catch Isha standing on our bathroom sink (where we have a large mirror) stairing at herself in the dark. She seems very relaxed, her eyes are like slits, she seems to be watching her glamorous self in admiration!

Other cats just love to see the reflection, and think maybe it's another cat, or just something to play with, or they just don't underestand what it is and they flip out, (get scared)

About scratching... I don't mean this in a bad way, but do you know a lot about cats, or do you really know anything about cats?

Scratching is a normal behavoir that all cat species in the world do. It's a way to mark their territory (they have scent glands in their paws.) And it's also a way to sharpen/maintain healthy claws.
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ok let me explain.....
whenever i pet her she likes to bring out her claws and press them against me for some reason

and i know when kittens are little they like to press against their mothers stomache to make sure the mother feels comfortable

but i mean my cats claws are SHARP!
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LOL. You a funny one. And I want to say welcome to the board also!

It's called kneeding. There's various reasons why people think cats do this. It's completely normal, it can be a sign of happiness, being content.

Kittens do it to help get their mothers milk flowing, to stimulate it, I think it might actually be a little uncomfortuable for the mother.

You can trim you cats claws, PLEASE do not declaw (and I'm sure just about everyone else on this board will say the same thing.)

On your other thread I sent you some good websites to check out about general cat care, spay/neutering and declawing. I think declawing is barbaric and unneccisary.

Trimming your cats nails (front and/or back) can be done, and it does not cause them any pain, as long as you do it right. They also have a product out called SoftPaws, which places caps of plastic over the claws so they wont be sharp and dig into you.

If you would like more info on any of this, let us know .
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how exactly DO i trim her nails
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Here yeah go. A good link with illustrations.

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If you trim her nails, I recommend waiting until she is asleep or very relaxed. It's a lot easier.
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One more tip to trimming nails....
Try to handle her paws while she's relaxed and manipulate then so a claw comes out then let it retract and continue. And offer treats so she associates her paws being handled with a positive outcome.

This should make the actual trimming easier.
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There's an article about how to clip your cat's claws on this site:
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