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In a tough situation....

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Ok I know I have had a marathon posting fest the last few days but things just come up. But now I am in a tough situation. 2 new kittens (and probably more) just showed up in my little neighborhood. 1 is almost soild black with a few stray white hairs. Lovey dovey guy about 6 months old and not neutered. The other is a black and white spotted kitten. Probably 2-3 months old. Can't touch him/her yet but I was able to stand really close to this one. Almost acts deaf because he will not respond or run when you call him. He just acts like you are not the.

The tough part is I can not take them in. I would love to but can't. 1 because I can not afford 2 more cats. Pong is not spayed yet (will be in January when she is 6 months) and one cat is old enough to mate and I don't need kittens. 2 I could not afford the doctor bills on 2 more cats . Not to mention the food bills, litter bills and all that for 4 cats. 3 hubby has said no more cats for now.

So I left a bowl of food out for the black cat because he followed me home. But what do I do from here? If he sticks around a few days I could post a home for him on the internet but I could not have him neutered before I gave him to a new home. I could interview until I am blue in the face but people do lie to get what they want. Or I can call AC to pick them up but then I worry that they may be killed if no home is found.

What to do what to do. Any advice from me please. I hate this I wish I could take these 2 in.
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Are there any no-kill shelters in your area? Perhaps they can work with animal control on getting the cat (if they're further away)
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The closest maybe Savannah possibly Brunswick. Other than that none that I can think of.
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TNR is another option--treat them like ferals. Trap, neuter, release, feed, shelter.
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