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Lexi is settling in.

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So, when I first got Lexi, she was fine. But gradually she started going under the table and staying there.

She seems really scared, although she will happily come out and play with toys or play with Links.

Evertime someone comes near her, she runs away, unless I don't come too close and let her come to me. Although it's take ages for her to build up the confidence to do that.

My SO describes her as Boring. Which she is. She doesn't really groom herself and doesn't come up on the sofa for petting, unless we physically get her and bring her up. She will still purr though when she is getting a pet.

How can I made her more sociable. She has been with us for two weeks now, and she was more interested in us when she first came.
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Hey Sadie,
Maybe she senses your grief? Links grief? Are ya'll there or gone quite a bit?
Was she taken from her brothers and sisters? Where exactly did she come from? If ya'll aren't there that much she is not getting enough time to get to know you. She could also be experiencing her own grief from the separation
of her family! And she may not old enough to really start the grooming phase, cause I thought the same about GiGi, but it eventually came, with a bit of maturity! How are you dealing with the loss of Ziggy? I can honesty say that GiGi being gone from here has left me rather displaced! I can't quite get it together, I think it just added to an already rolling boulder of saddness in my world! Nothing feels right around here! I can't decide whether to get another or not?I know Spooky is having a hard time because the other two aren't any fun, they won't play like he and G did!!!I hope Lexi will start responsing better soon! Links still liking her ok?

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