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Another Lexi issue....

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Lexi was strutting past me just now, and I noticed that her rear end was very red and looked like it had crusty blood on it. She went mad when I tryed to clean it. I haven't noticed it before, but then again, she stays under the dining table most of the time.

She had roundworm when she came to us, but was treated for that. She eats well, mostly wet food, I'm I thinking that it's not constipation that has caused this, especially as she is still a little loose at times.

Links is fine, so I don't think it is anything catching.

They both have vets today at 3.10pm, so I will mention it. But any ideas in the meantime? It looks really sore.
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Is there any way you could bring a stool sample to the vet appointment? That way, they could rule out some of the possible causes of the irritation and blood (assuming it is blood). Depending on the cause, the vet may be able to provide a cream to help reduce the inflammation of her anus.
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Yeah I could do that. Just scooped though so will have to wait until later.
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Poor Lexie. She is such a beautiful girl.

If she has been having issues with loose stools, she might just have a bit of rectal irritation that is causing the blood. Sort of like hemaroids (sp) in people.

Good luck at the vets, your little ones are darling. I am so glad that Links has a new friend ( he was always my favorite of your babies)
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Went to the vets yesterday and he says she seems fine. He gave her abdomen a good feel and says that it feels normal. She had normal sensitivity levels when he touched her anus. He said it just needs a clean. I'm so glad. It's just her poor grooming after all.

He also said that Links is very healthy too. Lexi is booked in for 3 weeks time for another check-up.
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