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Gasping for breath?

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Bruce just came running upstairs and jumped up onto the windowsill as normal, but he then opened his mouth and seemed to gasp. I went to him and he was breathing rather quickly, and it was clearly audible through his nose. Gradually he calmed down as I stroked him.

He was obviously running about downstairs with his sister, Sheila, but I'm surprised he could have worn himself out like that. He's a 10.5 months old Maine Coon, and an indoor cat.

Is this something I should be worried about (I know large cats such as Maine Coons are a bit more prone to heart trouble), or is this the normal effects of exertion?


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Wait and see if that happens again. You may want to research but not get yourself overly stressed about HCM.
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My 2 sometimes sit on the windowsill with their mouth slightly open, lip curled up, and appearing to be panting - but they're not out of breath, they're smelling something interesting from outside. Cats have a small organ in their mouth which helps with the sense of smell, and he may just have been circulating air into his mouth to get a better sniff at something.

I would keep an eye on him and see if it's something that happens regularly or if he seems distressed or lethargic, then a vet check can't hurt
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I don't know what cat asthma is like, but if it happens again I would consider it an option. Don't get too worried for now though, because it could be a one off and something as simple as smellin the air.
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Thanks, guys. I won't panic unless it happens regularly or he seems off colour in any other way. I don't think it's the smelling the air thing - his sister Sheila does that quite regularly, and this seems quite different.

I will keep you posted if he shows any more signs of it.

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My cat Boo has Asthma and I didn't even realize it til I told the vet about him doing this sort of continuous cough, the vet checked him and told me he has asthma so now when he has his attacks I give him meds, you might want to check with your vet if it continues.
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