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Stinky poo...food recommendation

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I am currently feeding my 3 cats dry EVO. They all love it. The only thing I notice is that their poop really smells BAD!!!!! One of my young cats (the only female) is getting fat. I keep their food bowls in the basement so that my dog does not eat it and I free feed them. My ragdoll has a very sensitive system and gets diarreah once in a while....but it has been less often since being on EVO.

Can anyone recommend a dry food that will help with weight gain and not cause diarreah and stinky poop?
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Maybe try California Natural.....it's a simple formula(better for stomach?). That's the only food I can think of to suggest.
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I started feeding my 7 week old Lucy Belle Evo mixed with KMR during pre weaning stages and boy does her poop smell! I have since switched to Wellness Canned Kitten Formula and it does wonder! Her poop is firm and nice, and the bad smell and loose stool have disappeared. For dry, I feed her Wellness Kitten Health and since it's not as dry as EVO, she absolutely loves it. I also ratio her can food with Nutro Complete Care and Gourmet Classics.

I've read that with EVO, it's either hit or miss. My Lucy Belle didn't do too well so that's why I switched. I heard that Orijen is very good too. I might mix Wellness Dry with Orijen so she get to eat a variety of food.
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natural choice and california natural
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This is interesting. I switched my two to Evo because Daphne had such awful gas on Natural Balance. Now she is fine I hope you find something that works well for yours.
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EVO is one of those foods that works for some & not for othes. For example, Damita, Twitch, & Lily. Damita's poops could kill a horse they stink so bad, & Lily vomits. Twitch's coat looks stunning when she's on EVO.
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