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The Great Fountain Experiment

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Well In Lue of Caesars surgey, and our taking in Cleo who has PKD, and finding out our sweet rescue Maia has PKD as well..We tossed all the standing water dishes, and got Fountains

We got three diffrent ones, so let the great Fountain test begin here are the choices we got:
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cant wait for the results ... with your kitty numbers it is a GREAT sampling
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I've wondered about the bubbling fountain so many times....Twitch likes the free falling Drinkwell, but it's a lot $$.
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Yeah lol..SO FAR the Mom Persians prefer the Catit, the babies prefer the Bubbler. and her royal highness Dutchess prefers the other one, lol...the others are still looking at me like i am anuts
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I just bought the petmate deluxe flow for my little girl. The vet recommended it after we found she was dehydrated. I put it together and put it on the floor and she took to it right away.
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My cats and dogs all like the petmate. I have to fill it up a lot!
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it sure is a nice one IH ave filled it twice.
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We have the petmate and my cats love it. They definitely drink more.
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I have a petmate and I must say that it is SILENT unless it is low on water. My three cats (and my sister in law's cat) all love it. I have to fill it at least 1-2 times a day.

I recently washed the smaller parts in the dishwasher and they came out fine!

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I have the petmate deluxe fresh flow and my cats love it, especially the kitten.
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I got the Petmate Deluxe and my kitty loves it. She drinks so much more water now.
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well so far the results are all about even. But I think the Catit is the Favourite of the cats. The Baset likes the petmate and Isis the husky loves the bubbler, LOL
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My cat LOVES her fountain (the first one you listed, the Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain). She refuses to drink from anything else now

The most priceless thing is watching her try to figure out where the water comes from. She'll sit there and stick her paw into the opening the water pours out of - only downside is that the filter is there and she claws holes in it
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LOL we have a couple that try to do that too its hillarious
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