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every 2 weeks

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my cat becomes in heat!
is that normal?
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I don't know if it's normal for your cat to be in heat every two weeks...but for the health of your cat, please get her spayed. Cats that are not spayed are more likely to have uterine problems and by spaying her it will add many more years to her life with you! There are many low-cost vet clinics around...so please do this for her health and to prevent unwanted babies.
BTW, I noticed that you are new to site....so Welcome aboard!
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thanks for the welcoming message.
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Well I've read a couple posts of yours now. And I think you could benifit from reading these links I'm sending you. It's general cat care information, and can help you understand you cat, and make the bonding and caring process more fun and a lot easier!
But please, if you have any more questions do ask!


How old is your cat, if she is at LEAST 5-6 months please get her spayed asap. And take her to the vet for a check up/shots asap!
I'm also hoping that you keep your cat indoors, it's much safer for them, on average they live longer and are happier, and you can form a stonger bond with them, then a cat that is outdoors or indoors & outdoors.
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Yes, it is normal. Cats are light dependent and indoor cats can cycle into heat every 2 weeks indefinately ! Please get her spayed!!!

By spaying you are also helping her by:

- reducing the possibility of various medical problems
- eliminating the inconvenience of the heat cycle in female cats
- promoting better health in both male and female cats
- eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer

Again please have her spayed!
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Just want to join in encouraging you to have your cat spayed right away.
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