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Sore places on Maisey's ear

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My cat has two small scabs on her ear from flea bites. She also had a couple on her neck, but those have almost completely healed. We've treated the fleas, and last week when she was bathed and groomed (she's also had a bad prob with hairballs), the vet found only one dead flea. But, she keeps scratching at the scabs, re-opening them. Each time I think I've got it healed, she scratches at them. I've been putting peroxide and antibiotic cream on it, but it doesn't help. I think it could partly be the cold, dry weather. My skin has so dry, and so has Maisey's - I see little dandruff flakes where she lays. We didn't have this problem until I moved back to my parents' home - it seems so much drier here, and maybe there are allergy issues since we live in teh country. I can't sleep without taking an aspirin because my skin is so dry and itchy! Anyway, I don't know what can be done for Maisey. I'm so frustrated because we just got her barfing/hairball problem whipped. Now her poor ear is continually red. Sigh, I don't know how I am ever going to get my apartment in the spring if all my money is spent on vet bills! My friend who works at a vet's office said that I can give a small amount of Benadryl to her to help her from scratching so much. She was going to send me the dosage info, but I guess forgot. I need to get ahold of her. But, what do you think the culprit is? She is a nervous cat - always biting and scratching. I know her skin is very dry. This is probably the main issue, since her skin can't heal. But, I hate to give her medicine to numb the itch (like I do for myself every night). It's strange, in the city, an hour away, I didn't have a dry skin problem. Now it's horrible, and at my apt. in town I had several years ago, I also had the itchies really bad. I'm going to try a Vaporizor - getting a little moist air in here. I've been giving Maisey a tsp. of olive oil each day and take fish oil capsules myself. What else can be done for the existing marks? I've heard of them giving shots for allergies, but how can we know what the cat has? I want to have some ideas so that if I do have to go to the vet (AGAIN - sigh), I will know what to ask. Or maybe I can do something at home that will clear it up (yeah, yeah - because I have a second part-time job starting next week, and I NEED to be concentrating on that!).
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Definately get a humidifier, at the very least it may help you out.

Any detergents/cleaning products/scented stuff that you didn't use before you moved?
Have you ruled out all food allergies too?
Keep up the flea treatment -finding one flea usually means there's many more elsewhere. Maybe some clean up around the house -vacuum since it could even be dust bothering her.
Maybe ask the vet about a shampoo to help with her itchiness?

And I'm pretty sure you can give her fish oil too, the omega 3 will help her dry skin and coat.
-Be careful with the aspirin and make sure not to take it on an empty stomach.
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Thanks. I spose it could be related to food since I changed her food during flea season. I got her a sensitive systems food because she was doing especially bad with the barfing (she goes through barfing spells every 2 months or so for a couple days until she gets up a large pellet of fur. Then she's back to normal until 2 mons. later). However, I'm almost sure that is a hairball-only problem. I had her shaved last week, and she hasn't been barfing. I thought that was the only way to see if it was definitely a hairball issue, or not - if she kept barfing, I would know it's not hairballs. But, so far so good. Her fur is growing back quickly though. I'm thinking of trying the Furminator brush instead of shaving her again - poor thing. She doesn't have any fur except on her head and lower legs, so I don't think she has anymore fleas. I've been vacumming and dusting well, and haven't seen any.

I have been gradually adding in Maxximum Nutrition food (her old food) into her diet since the Sensitive Systems Purina food has by-products, and I'd prefer her not to be on that long-term. The foods actually have really similar ingredients, so I don't know that it is a food problem. It's been very damp the past couple of days, and her sores looked so good this morning. Now, they're a little red, but at least not bleeding. I'm going to call a pet store to see if they have antibiotic cream for cats, or something that they could recommend for sores. I've been putting Neosporin on, but since she surely will lick some of it off, I'd rather have something that's for pets, if possible.
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