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Sick? Mad??

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Backstory: Malcolm is about 11 weeks old. I feed him dry kibble (I'm reading up on wet/raw feeding now). I offered him wet food and he loved it.

However, diarrhea ensued. It even looked a tad reddish. I called the vet, who said to withhold food for 24 hours and not feed wet food again until he is older.

I did as directed and now fed him his dinner, which he wolfed. His bottom looks red and irritated, and upon retiring for the night I found kitty diarrhea in my bed.

Is he trying to tell me he isn't feeling well?
Will this subside after his tummy settles?
One time doesn't lead to a habit, right?
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I have 11 weeks old and this is what I do:

Mix Royal Canin for kitten with Orijen with the regular dose, then add 1 TBS of wet food. This makes some sort of rugged texture, and they just love it.

Especially since Orijen has 45% protein, I don't like the idea of feeding them ONLY kibbles, nor ONLY wet, since they'll grow to dislike dry food and only want wet. This way they get some moisture with their food which is all its about.

Maybe try this and see if diahrea leaves. Wet food is anywhere between 70-80% humidity, a fragile gastric system will not do well on this.
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I think he just might need a little more time, for his tummy to settle down, when mine had diherrea(sp) it took a good week or so before it was totally gone, wet food did the same thing to my kitten.
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