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Hans Freitag Desiree Wafer Cookies

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Has anyone had these?

OMG they are to DIE for!


My MIL bought some at Cost Plus World Market and left the rest of the bag for me.

I'm thinking that my SS is going to have to get a bag because they are THAT yummy!
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Yes, I have! Those are good
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I never have, but they look amazing!
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I'm not much into the wafer thing unless it's Hanuta. I see you have discoverd germandeli.com. It's a great site and their prices are extremely reasonable considering they import. I've had a chance to actually go and visit the store...needless to say...a few hours later I finally was able to drive home.
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I've never had those. I don't think we have that brand here. But I have had wafer cookies before. They aren't bad, but they aren't my favourite. I find them too sweet: the filling is like icing and I'm not a fan of icing.
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We've had them a couple of times (well, similar) and they are good! You can eat a whole bag in one go, so not great for the waistlines!
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I have never seen that brand...OMG I want some now!
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I believe my sister brought me a pack from one of the train stations in London, TM! I think it was Marylebone.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is the brand we get at our local Dutch store. My in-laws are Dutch so any year that I draw one of their names in our Christmas draw, I load up a basket with some of their favourites from the Dutch store.

I've always loved wafer cookies but tend to eat them until I feel sick so stopped buying them.
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