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Ginger Cookie is a little suck up!

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My mother-in-law just left today after being here since Tuesday. Immediately, Ginger made friends and was FAST friends with Diane! Ginger even found a nice new place to sleep. Good thing Diane is a cat lover too, and boy did she fall hard for Ginger. Ginger sure is a little charmer.

She really likes Mojo too, being the more outgoing one but less interested in making friends than Ginger. She likes Trent and Ophelia (who did allow herself to be seen, but not actually touched), but the two little girls stole her heart. I did check to make sure Cookie wasn't in Diane's suitcase before she left.

Any other guest charmers out there? I'm so not accustomed to it since Ophelia was a feral kitten and guests even seeing her is unusual, and Trent is OK with other people but prefers Mom and Dad. It's just too funny how Ginger immediately made fast friends with her! I REALLY don't understand how Eileen and her cousin had such a hard time finding a home for her when I've found 2 people who would love to keep her when they spent any amount of time with her!
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I'm not surprised to hear that Ginger Cookie charmed your MIL. She sure worked her charms on me and my cousin's family. The reason it was so hard to find her a home here is simple - she was meant be your kitty. You know, that whole fate thing.

Wish I could say any of my cats are charmers when company comes, but they all tend to hide even if it's someone they know well. Gracie and Claire usually come out eventually, but since Gracie tends to hiss and nip at anybody but me tries to touch her, she doesn't exactly come across as charming. Rather than being charming, Claire prefers to be admired from a distance.

So, looks like Ginger takes the cake, or rather the cookie, for being charming. She sure is a sweet (and smart!) little girl.
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Awwwwww Ginger and Mojo charmed us all

Tino turns into mush for my Mother. When she stays with me, he ALWAYS HAS to sleep with her.

Easy loves my nieces and nephews and will follow them around the whole time they are here. She plays with them. She is right there when they are playing with their game consoles, whatever they are doing, she is right there. She actually sits by the front door for at least a day, when they leave.

Laura loves this elderly friend of the family. He is a huge cat lover and although, my cats all take time to get to know someone, Laura loved Tom from the very first time she met him, when she was still a baby. When she hears his voice, she comes running. And will roll around showing her tummy to him and be all cuddle cuddle. Its really sweet.
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RB kitty Jade was a major flirt with men. Any man she would approach and rub against and beg for petting.

Aristotle is not fond of strangers andwill hide but Topaz is so-so and may let them pet her.
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It sounds like your m-i-l's visit was a great success. Jamie's shy with visitors, and Straycat couldn't stand them. Our RB kitty Cricket, however, just loved having company, especially if they stayed for a week or more. She looked upon it as her duty to keep their laps and beds warm, and share her toys.
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Awww Ginger & Mojo

Bayley is my little charmer, he'll curl up on your chest and headbutt your chin begging for attention- from anyone & everyone!
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