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My sweetie is getting neutered...

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Well Friday is Jack's big day--neutering time. He will be about four months old on Friday as well. How do you keep a kitten calm after surgery? Any other post neutering advice?

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My kitties have always been a little agitated, from the anesthesia,
when they come home.
Just keep an eye on Jack..
he will be back to normal in no time...
probably the next day Leslie.

Be sure to keep us updated so we can send
calming vibes to both of you.
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Sending many vibes for your sweetie Its a simple proceedure for the boys and he will recover very quickly. As Lei said, he will probably relax the day of and be his normal self the next day.
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I asked my vet for painkillers for him! They did give it to him though! So he kinda just slepped. By the time he woke up it was time to give him another one. I did that for half a day and after that he was fine! He was also declawed at the same time though... (I know I know, I will never do it again, it was terrible!)
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That is GREAT you are getting him neutered. I bet he will bounce back in a heartbeat. I got two females from the HS at 7 weeks old and they had been neutered and acting fine when I got them. That was 14 1/2 years ago and one of them is still with me.

You little boy will be just fine. Good luck.
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Well, Jack is at the vet's currently--I dropped him off at 8 AM. I can call after 3 to see how he did--the wait is killing me. He was so sad this morning, he couldn't eat or drink after midnight...and he was meowing for food.

I don't get to pick him up until 10 tomorrow. I'm only 2 minutes from the vet's (it is near work) so I'm hoping they will let me stop by and see him later (I get off at 4).

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I'm sure Jack will be fine.

When we had Elliott neutered we took him in at 11Am and picked him up at 3PM...he was still pretty much out of it so we just opened the carrier door and let him sleep it off.

When he first woke up he was stumbling around like a little drunk but by 11 that night I'd given him a little food and water...didn't want to give him to much so that his tummy didn't get upset.
The next morning he was back to his old self...didn't seem to miss his "little boy parts" at all
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I just talked to the vet at 3 and they just got done with his surgery at about 2:30 so he was still pretty groggy. I'm not allowed to visit because they don't want him to think he gets to go home--which makes sense.

I will be anxiously waiting at 10 am tomorrow to get him...

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Im so glad it went well. Hopefully 10 AM will come quick ..... by then, he should be just like he was when he left.
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I hope so--his daddy told him before we left that he had nothing to do with what happened today and that it was all mommy's idea lol.

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
I hope so--his daddy told him before we left that he had nothing to do with what happened today and that it was all mommy's idea lol.
Typical male.

I am sending lots of calming vibes to you and healing vibes to Jack.
He will be back in your loving arms before you know it.
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I had my Oscar done today too, got him back at half past five and he's fine! He's even played a little bit and is at this moment cuddled up with his best pal the dog. I'm sure that your little guy will be fine too. It hardly seems to affect male cats at all. We have to starve him from 7pm here, but then his surgery was much earlier in the day...
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Thank you for the sweet thoughts--I'll let you know how he is tomorrow!

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Sorry my update is late--I have one week of classes left and then I graduate!--so life is a little crazy!

Both Jack and I were very happy to see each other on Saturday. Bless his heart he cried the whole way home in the carrier cuz he just wanted lovings--so I drove the 45 minute drive with my fingers through the door of the carrier while he rubbed his cheek on them.

He was happy to get to eat and drink and be home. We woke daddy up and looked at Jack's battle scars. Daddy apologized for what happened to Jack. He was little tired acting all day but pretty normal. He did decide he likes to drink running water from the bathroom sink.

I also did some investigating on Maine coons and fully believe that Jack has some definite Maine coon in him. The information I found literally spelled Jack out to a T--I'd post a picture but I don't have a photobucket account so I don't know how else to post it.

We chose not to do the e-collar and I'm glad I didn't pay the $20 for it as he is not licking his wound at all.

Today, Sunday, he has been a ball of fun. His antics make us laugh unbelieveably hard--especially today when he purposely knocked my keys off the end table and drug them by the lanyard across the living room and behind the recliner. I put them back and he did the same thing again (I thought I'd have to worry about kids hiding my keys, never our kitten).

So anyway life is good here!

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Im glad to hear everything went good and hes back in your arms again. Good for you in not getting the e-collar thats a little overboard for a neuter.

The photobucket account is free all you have to is sign up ........ so is ............ we need to see pics of that baby
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Good Job! he sounds like he's doing good and getting them neutered and spayed is the best thing you can do for them! (ive always had mine live longer when their fixed) Im glad things went well and that its done!
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Fantastic...Jack is back home and doing fine.

As Pami said, Photobucket is free, just sign up.
I'll send a private message about how to post pictures on TCS.
It's easy.
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I'm glad to hear that Jack is home and doing fine.
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