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does this cat look preg?

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she doesn't seem to be showing really yet but I would guess around 4-5 weeks if she was maybe just over....... she is an indoor cat and kept getting out for a week or two. but has before and never gotten preg. and yes before i am told I know she should be spayed but $ was a problem with that. I could have come in and lied and said I found her so please don't bash me.

Just wanted other opinions. from what I have found she should either already have started to show or any day but not sure HOW much they show at the very beg. if it would be really noticable or not......
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Yes she does look pregnant but it is hard to tell sometimes. Don't worry, we won't bash you Stuff happens.

What most people don't take into consideration though is the low cost clinics around for spaying cheaper compared to the expense of pregnancy. Buying all that high quality kitten food for mom, then more when the kittens start to eat it, all that extra litter that those kittens will use bc momma shows the babies around 5 weeks and they will use it until they can leave her at 12 weeks, then the dewormer for all the babies, 3 rounds of vaccines, testing the mother to make sure she didn't mate with a FIV/FeLV positive male, then what if she rejects them, has to have a c-section, etc.... it would just be cheaper to spay her. Which you can still do right now
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I do agree with Jen. I have heard from people who surrender mom/kittens at the humane society where I volunteer that it would've been cheaper to spay mom, even at $100. Often, owners must surrender the mother kitty with the kittens because they can no longer afford to spay her & it isn't fair to keep her.

You can contact the local humane society to see if they know of low cost spay/neuter clinics, or start calling vets to see if they would put you on a payment plan.
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the low cost spay/neuter programs around here go by income and we do not fall into the low income. And when I got the quote to have her spayed it was around $300+ I believe which is why I could not get it done. if I calculated right she would be due around Christmas which is when my husband gets his bonus so if anything goes wrong we will have the cash then. And as for litter and all that yes it does add up but I am buying for 4 cats as it is plus we will have the extra then. along with the $ to spay mom after tax time and the shots etc.....

but I want to get her on a kitten food as soon as I am "sure" she is so keep waiting for her belly to POP but it really hasn't yet but her nipples are VERY large and pink for her. normally they are pin size and white that they blend in with her fur and skin....... so wasn't sure IK they say they show around 4-5 weeks I thought but wasn't sure if that was when they really started to look round or just a bit. I think it was around 1-2 weeks ago that I noticed her nipples so figured that was 3 weeks. sometimes I think I see a tiny bump on the side but then I look and she seems as thin as she did before...... so not sure if it is my mind playing tricks on me. Guess by the beg. of Dec. I should know since they say you can feel the kittens easily then. I am estimating she is due around Christmas day.
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Ahhh! Let her have the babies first! Im sorry but I dont think spaying her RIGHT NOW is very fair!! (pro-life, in EVERYTHING)
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That is a controvesial subject glitch....because there are kittens that people cannot stop from being born. It is argued that when a cat has kittens, you kill other kitties in shelters. Spaying a cat is different from a human abortion, IMO. Esp. since many people dump the kitties in shelters.....

Done hijacking!

To the OP......can you also financially afford to spay/neuter the kittens & get them shots? I would create a plan now to ensure they are fixed, or more kitties will be born into a world that already euthanizes so many innocent cats/kittens already. Start creating an application process for adoptees as well.
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Shouldn't have said that, Im sorry!
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Glitch--- for my kitty I am against spay/abort too so it is ok. I realize for some it is fine I just can't do it. but I may not have to worry about it since I am not sure.

whitecat---- once I know for sure if she is then yes I will get an adoption thing together and I am sure I will be here for lots of advice with that. I have done reading so know to ask for payment for the kitties etc.... but sure i will have alot more questions. But until I know if she is or not then dont' want to get all that done to find out she isn't or it is a false preg..... And yes at tax time which is when they would be close to ready I will have it then...... just don't have it now.
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Sounds like you got everything under control! She does kinda look preggers though! Her sides are sticking out a little bit!
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If you've got a plan & are prepared financially to get the kittens fixed, that is much better. Because if she had 6 kittens & all were unaltered....assuming 3 were girls & they had 6 kittens....that's a lot more kitties for an already overpopulated planet.

I do not fault people for not being able to do a spay/abort. But, realisitcally, it often must be done.

Once you know she's preg & she's had the to your vet about doing spays/neuters at once. My vet gave me a great rate when I fixed my parent's farm cats. You'll also want to be prepared to keep her indoors....she can get pregnant right after giving birth. She'll probably want out again, so be prepared to set her up in a room where there are 2 doors between her & outside. Should she get out again & get will be very hard on her to be pregnant again so soon.

If you've got any further questions, ask away!
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Yes we always do what we can to keep her indoors. she is an indoor kitty but even when not in heat she is sometimes hard to keep in. mainly she gets out on my hubby since I think he doesn't pay much attention when comming in. hehee. if i know the door will be open often I lock her up.

She will also be in our room if she is indeed preg. about 2 weeks before birth and stay there till the kittens are gone. that is the safest place. a very small room, a solid bed frame so she cant' get under it etc.... and no kids in there to hurt the kittens...........

so guess I wait and see. was mainly just wondering on others opinions on if she looked preg........
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ok update I think I am barely seeing signs of a bit of a belly but only a maybe little pooch on the sides....... but I do wonder if now she will start getting big quick or is it slow??? I am guessing she is due around Christmas so she would be at the end of 5 weeks (36-37 days) so about 4 weeks left so would think she would have to start growing fairly fast now if she is.....

Her bottom nipples are really showing more now even from those pictures!!!! if she is sitting they are easily seen now.... and the next 2 are a bit more prominent now too.
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