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Scrapbook supply website??

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Does anyone buy scrapbooking supplies online? Can anyone recommend a company to me? Every year my sister-in-law asks for scrapbooking supplies for Xmas and I would love to get her a gift certificate to someplace that might have some stuff that she can't get locally. I'm not a scrapbooker, so I'm kinda clueless as to what stuff she might need or use.
Thanks for any help!
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I buy most of my stuff on e-bay. I don't know if there are Micheals craft stores in the USA, but they have great scrapbooking stuff, and probably have gift certificates
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The site I absolutely love for its huge selection of papers is www.paperaddict.com. They also sell gift certificates in denomination starting at $5. So they are great if you have a smaller budget for gifts. You can get some wonderful paper for that amount.

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Roberts Crafts have stores everywhere and they have tons of scrapbooking stuff, as well as other craft items. But their scrapbooking section is huge! Other then that... I use little locally owned stores that aren't chains. They always have the best stuff.

Roberts Crafts
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The store I shop at is Archivers and they have a website too. Great selection of stuff versus a place like Michaels.
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I will check out all of those places! I know that this year she specifically mentioned holiday paper so that paperaddict site looks awesome!!
Thanks again!!
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