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My Baby is becoming a Lap Kitty!! YAY!

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I've always dreamed of having a lap kitty, but through out the years I've never been so lucky. When I got Echo (almost 5 years ago) I really thought she'd be a lap warmer and was set on "training" her to be one. YA RIGHT! She is a cat would loves to give loves WHEN SHE WANTS TO, but other than that she wants to be left alone. In the past few months, I've noticed that she's been wanting more and more attention. She has been jumping on my Mom's lap almost every morning for a few minutes...but she would never do it to me. It's a joke in our house that when ever I see Echo on Mom's lap I say "Echo...She is not your Mommy! She is the evil Nanny...now come and see your wonderful Mommy...please?". She just looks at me like I'm crazy and goes on with what she's doing. Well last night, I had a big surprise! While I'm on the computer, I had a vistor...Echo! She curled up in my lap and purred like a Hemi engine! She sat there for at least 15 minutes and wouldn't ya know it...Mother Nature called and I had to let her down. She is quite heavy especially when all that weight it right on my bladder...Yowza! She hasn't come to visit me yet today...but I'm hoping that she'll come around and visit her Mommy for often than that evil Nanny! LOL!
Has anyone had an experiece similiar to this? I'm really hoping that she will become a lap kitty...but she's definitely got a mind of her own and will do as she pleases!
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Echo sounds like a real sweetie!!!! I really hope she will start laying on your lap more often now!!! I love the part about the evil Nanny!!! :laughing: Merlin usually chooses to lay on my husbands lap, and it used to bug me, but now I just smile and am so glad they love each other so much!!! I can call Merlin into the room and pat my lap and he will walk right by me and jump on Hubby's lap! :tounge2: But lately he has been wanting cuddles from me more often and spending more time on MY lap! Tonight he decided the right time to snuggle on my lap was when I was in the bathroom of all times!!!!
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That's so great for both of you! I do understand, Ophelia has been Daddy's girl for a long time, even though it was me who spent all the time playing with her and building the trust when she was a kitten (I didn't know I was socializing her, but I guess I was). Ever since the beginning I've wanted a special bond with her, but she chose Daddy. One night, all of a sudden she started sleeping on me - not just with me, she has to be ON me now! I love her sleeping with me, it's like a bond that we have that even Mommy's Boy Trent and I don't share. It's just a special thing to me, and I know I'm babbling about it but it means a lot to me.
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When I decided to get a companion for Sally, my DSH, I got a Birman kitten. I read that they are really people oriented and I wanted a lap kitty. Well, he is sweet, but he loves Sally more than me. He sleeps with her and will sit in my lap for a few minutes, then he is off to play with Sally. I hope that as he gets older he will be more interested in lap sitting. Becky Alvarez
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I have had Grayski for 4 months,last night was the first time he sat on my lap!I was so happy! He still won;t sleep on my bed,maybe somday.
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