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Dewey is UP for ADOPTION!

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Dewey my foster baby (the kitten I got at 5 wks of age!!) is NOW UP FOR ADOPTION.

Please, please, please, if you live in the Northern Virginia area and are a catsite person - help me get someone fabulous to go in an adopt him out of the shelter!

He is a TERRIFIC kitten, and if you see him and visit with him, you'll fall under his charms. I promise! No two ways about it!

I just want for him to get out of there ASAP to a home of his own, where he can be the only one, or with one other playful kitty.

He's gonna make some one a terrific pet!

He: can walk on leash, sits in dishwashers, takes showers/baths with you, hunt paper balls, loves a laser light toy, is a purrbaby (purrs a lot, LOL). And in general is very social - will follow around like a dog...mischievious and loving.

Take a look at him: ID# A015867 at website:

or URL:

Isn't he lovely? He'll be a big fluffy soft love ball cuddly loving baby for you...

So, readers, if you can (and only if you can) help us out, refer him to someone, get the word out! He's perfect for the holidays if you are
looking to find a new friend!

Thank you. I'd adore it if the catsite folks found him a GOOD forever home.
I could trust he'd be okay...

(good with other cats too.)

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PS. I forgot to add, full medical on him has been done. Except for the shelter adoption fee NO medical will be needed!! All vaccines are current for 1 year.

And he is only 4.5 months NOT 6 months of age (He came to me Aug 20 or so, and was 5 wks old.) the shelter has that wrong.

PPS. And if anyone does adopt him who is from catsite, I can help you find
his vet records. He was vetted and seen by my own vet!
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Hi all! Just another plug for my LOVELY Dewey. It hurts to see he is STILL at the shelter in Arlington. Please, if you can - go visit him?

Play with him,and maybe if you can - adopt him OUT of there?

I spent so much time and money on him, and lavished love on him.
I did the hard bits - now you can do the FUN bit and bring him
home for the holidays!!

I hate to brag - but he is an EXCEPTIONAL kitty.

He can leash walk, sits in dishwashers, is water obsessed (loves loves toilets, LOL) and is VERY energetic and fearless...

Please, if you know someone considering a cat for the new year - suggest HIM!

I'd LOVE to move him out of there.... he doesnt deserve it, and I've done my level best with trying to place him, I am just over whelmed with my own ferals and Titi - who finally made it into rescue! Yayyyy!!!
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Dewey looks like he's got some Maine Coon - that boxy muzzle & the close-set, wide, very triangular ears, not to mention his personality traits He resembles my JC a lot!!! He's probably a great candidate for a "family cat" - JC is our family cat - he relates to each and every one of his humans in a very special way, yet is very independent
I am praying that Dewey gets to a great home soon!!!
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Yes, I'm sure he's part coon. The way he likes water? And his people orientedness is almost dog like. Then too he was/is a dominant type of cat - no shirking in the back for him, LOL!!

I am praying hard, please pray w/ me and send vibes. He will make a very wonderful addition to someone's family.

I keep checking the website hoping he's got an adoption contract on him.

No such luck. Next step: finding someone to pull him back out of the shelter and maybe placing via adoption fairs with a rescue.
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Awwwwwwww, sending major adoption vibes his way
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Awww, Dewey's such a cutie. Sending lots of adoption vibes his way.
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He looks very cute in his pictue. I hope he is adopted very soon by some very smart person who sees how wonderful he is!
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Dear all, today what I feared happenned. The old owner of Dewey (she who could not keep and yet wanted to have the cat ...) came to see if I still had him. Somehow she didn't think I'd adopt him out - though I told her I would a) find a REALLY good home and b) take care of the medical on him.

She was so disappointed. He was her comfort in a bad family situation - she is Sudanese/Ethiopean and her family is Muslim. They don't believe in fixing animals... so I made sure first thing to do that. She didn't have monies to keep and Mom wanted her to keep in the basement of the new house. I thought to myself that wasn't fair to Dewey.

But she really loved that little cat. I felt soooo terrible for taking him to the shelter. Especially since he's languishing there and not one of the people there has gone and taken him home *frustration*.

I am thinking of putting out a call on TCS to see if any No. Va area person could be my "front" and get him out, since I don't want him languishing there for months at a time.... it hurt to think on it.

But I know if he comes home, he'll be indoor out, and then who knows what might happen to him? Its not safe for such a nice cat .... my ferals can
be evasive and take care of themselves, but this little guy is strictly house raised...

Now I feel so bad. Like I deprived him of a home he could have had with someone who DID love him. And whom he "knew". Sigh.

I guess I have to keep praying for him, and looking for solutions. Its so hard being a single rescuer. YOu have to make sure you don't get overwhelmed.
and I was sure Titi would move, if I could get away from Dewey for a while. And that did happen.

Guess I have to comfort myself with that.

Anyway, thanks for reading and listening. I know I'm doing the best I can do, and Dewey has a good shot, just maybe a bit longer than I'd like..
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Your work with your cats is so impressive. You have all the support I can given long distance over the internet!
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UPDATE! Dewey got adopted from the shelter! Yayyy! Let's hope its to some great family. He is SUCH a GOOD cat, he'll be a wonderful addition
to some family!!

And guess what? Titi goes to foster care for a bath, ringworm check and MORE socializing (he's gonna ace that part, LOL!)

I'm SO HAPPY> The next best Xmas gift would be to have my
Lexi (the missing bobtail of mine) come home on her own initative.

Wouldn't that be a real miracle too?

I can dream. Meantime, I'm just happy happy happy!!
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Hurray for Dewey.... sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}}} that he and his new family have many happy years together - with those MC traits, that family will have endless entertainment Also, sending lots of {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that the rest of your rescue work also has great results
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Oh I'm so happy, too! I've been coming to this thread hoping to hear this news!

Wonderful, good, good, day!!!!!
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