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Kitty wont take medicane

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Im suppose to give my kitty these pills by crushing
them up in his food, but he wont eat it! Any suggestions?
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Have you tried crushing it really fine and put it in some beef or turkey baby food (no onion powder)? Try that, if not then ask the vet about a pill shooter. They work really well, and they dont hurt the cat. It's tricky, but when they need meds, you need to make sure they get it for the entire course of treatment.
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Couple things you can try.

Try mixing it up so that it's basically a power, and mix it REALLY well in a bunch of stinky smelly wet food (if your cat likes it). Or try putting it in a LITTLE amount of human tuna, or cat tuna. Mix it so that the cat can not see any of the pill.

Also, have you tried taking the pill and rolling it up inside a peice of cheese so that it's completely covered? I use this with dogs sometimes and it works great, they just gulp it right down.

Other then that, have you tried just placing it in your cats mouth and having them swallow it? If you trust your cat not to bite you that is. And yes there is always a pill gun you can use (get it from a vet, they can show you how to use it.) But even those aren't totally fool proof, my Asim has shown me that.
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With small pills, I just put it inside a clump of tuna. They'll gobble it right up and never know. I do the same thing with larger pills, I just cut them in half first.
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I have a pill gun too but to have Barney really eat his pill, I crush it up really finely and then mix it with honey! He loves it! Just licks it off the spoon.
Diann in Australia
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You can also crush up the pill...
Mix the powder up with a little bit of milk or fish oil until it's a paste and then put some on the part of their face just under the nose and they will most probably lick it off.

Alternatively if you mix it so that it's fairly runny you can suck it up into a 10ml syringe and feed it to them like that.
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