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ipod prices in US

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Can anyone give me an idea of how much an ipod classic costs in the US? And where the cheapest place to buy one is?

I'm after one for christmas (getting money from family towards it). My sister is visiting the US (NYC) in a couple of weeks and she and my brother in law plan to buy themselves ipods over there since they will be cheaper, esp with the exchange rate being so good at the moment (for us ). She's offered to get me one too so I'm trying to do a bit of research into prices over here and in the US to see what the difference is and whether it will be worth getting one from the US. Can anyone help?
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Wal-Mart is probably the cheapest. $200 for an 8g nano, that's 2000 songs
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For an ipod classic...the prices are pretty much standard. Ipod classic has 160GB for $349 or 80GB for $249. I would try a Best Buy or Wal-Mart which are universal all over the US.

Wal-mart is usually a few dollars cheaper, but not by much.
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If they are going to NYC, they really need to go here for anything Apple.
NYC Apple Store
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My Dad had gotten my Ipod mini 6GB with an engraved personal phrase on it from Japan for about $190. This was in around 2005. U.S. ones seem to cost more than direct from Japan.
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Originally Posted by jean-ji View Post
If they are going to NYC, they really need to go here for anything Apple.
NYC Apple Store
You are probably right. I don't know NY that well.
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Oh, wanted to add;
There was a special on CNN news about the rising cases for Ipod theft and mugging. There's special cases that disguise Ipods out now because of how popular and easy it is to steal one.
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You best bet will probably be to find one on ebay or on amazon.
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Thanks! So are ipod prices pretty much the same most places then? That's the way it is over here - you don't really get many special offers or discounts on them. I want a 160GB classic (or a 80GB if I can't afford that!) and the US price works out about £35 cheaper than buying it over here so that's a saving worth having since my sister is going over anyway.

I did think about ebay - I bought the ipod mini I currently have on ebay - but you have to be so careful not to be ripped off on there and I doubt I'd get one cheaper than buying it in the US, tbh.
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I think you're right about the prices being more or less the very exciting to get a new one!!

I have such a love-hate relationship with my old green i-pod mini... on one hand it's still performing well, on the other hand I'm ready for it to go already because I want one that's tiny and has a color screen
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