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My husband is a softie

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Oh he tries to portray the guy image alright but really underneath his manly self he is a softie.
He acts like he does not like cats. He acts all gruff and says things like "it is just a stupid cat" and things like that, and I just sit and smile.
Because I am the one who will walk past him in a room and see him petting one, or overhear him saying something like (to sparrow) "you are the cutest little kitty I have ever seen".
He has renamed Sparrow Jack (as in Captin Jack Sparrow).
He told me the other day to make sure that I am taking lots of pictures of him because he is so "darned" cute.

Ah, I love my husband.
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My husband complains sometimes about how overly "active" our kitten can be, but the other day I was walking past a chair that Forrest sleeps in and noticed that my husband had taken a little fleece blanket and covered the kitten and tucked it in around him with only his little kitten head sticking out....just like a little baby. Forrest is secretly his "little boy"
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Mine has always adored cats (and freely admits it). He often tells me, "I LOVE our cats!" And I hear him telling the cats that he loves them.

One of the many reasons I love HIM!
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Lol! Mine says he hates cats, however, when I come home from work, where is the cat? Curled up in his lap on the couch. He helps her chase moths that find their way into our house. She freaks out because she cant jump up and get them flying around the kichen light, so he will hold her up so she can swat them and catch them in her paws! I know he loves her. . . He just has not admitted it to himself yet!

Hence the pictures in my signature. . .
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Awwwwwwwwwww, that is so cute..Men can't resist kitties even though they try to
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My husband admits that he likes cats, but always say he doesn't want anymore. He said after we got Root that was the last cat he was going to get at least as long as Root is alive. About 4 years later our daughter was begging him for a kitten, and guess who gave in. So our daughter got Samba for Christmas. Then he said to our daughter we aren't getting anymore so there is no use asking. Of course she didn't give up (she is an animal enthusiast) but he kept insisting no more. Then two years later (over the summer) he called me and said get the kids and meet me at home at about noon. So i picked up my daughter and called my son to come home. We waited about ten minutes before he walked in with a box, inside the box a two week old kitten and a bottle. So I'm just wondering how long until we get another!

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Well Ladies as the saying goes, I dont want to put the cat amongst the pigeons, but we men are all softies at heart. Yep we have fealings and emotions running through us as much as anybody else. I think it is a natural thing for men not to show it so much. In fact I believe it is a probable cause of how a lot of men can become hard looking, irrational, and even violent to some degree, trying to hide ones emotions and bottling them up does nobody any good. But hey I am a man what do I know?
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My DH is so sweet about my cats!!! He is actually mildly allergic to cats and has given me not one but TWO indoor only kitties, and we will probably end up with a third baby by Christmas! He is just the sweetest and most wonderful guy!!
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