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The weather here is HORRIBLE!!!!!

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They have canceled all the schools and we had alot of sleet and snow and high winds!!! I had to drive home 8 miles from work on the highway in it and couldn't even see the lines on the road!!!! I drove very slowly and had a death grip on the steering wheel!!! I was very scared!!!!! My husband got off work at 5 and has roughly 20 miles to drive in this!!!! AND he has the baby with him!!!! Say a little prayer that they make it home okay!!!!!
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Wow, Debby. It's just sleeting here so far. Hope Brent and Amber are okay. (It is Brent, right? Sorry if I call him by the wrong name.)
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Yes, it's Brent. Thank you. I am worried too because he doesn't have the cell phone with him. If he goes into a ditch the visibility is so poor noone might see him!!!!
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Think POSITIVE thoughts!
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That weather system is going to hit us tomorrow with sleet and high winds of 90mph or more!

Safe driving thoughts going out to Brent!

I want spring.....!

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Is it pretty hilly in your area or flat? Not that it matters, because slick is slick. But it seems like it is harder handle the ice on hilly roads. I like my manual transmission because I can use the brakes less.
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They just made it home!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Thanks for your good wishes!!!!!!!
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A little late, but just wanted to say I am so glad they made it home ok!! You should stay inside and not drive anywhere till the weather clears up!! I refuse to let my boyfriend or myself drive long distances without a cell phone because it's just too scary if something were to happen.

Sending warmer weather your way!!
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We have bad weather here in southern Minnesota too. It was warm and rained all day on Sunday and on into Sunday night and then it froze. By early Monday morning there were power failures due to ice on the lines. And btw, when I went outside to go to work this morning I started sliding on my icy porch and nearly fell off. Now we are supposed to get 3 to 6 inches of snow and the wind chill will be down to about 25 degrees below zero. The forcast for the rest of the week doesn't look very good either. Yuck!!!!

Think spring!! :flower: :flower: :flower:

P.S. I'm glad Brent and Amber are safely back home!
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Yeah, that wind and snow was killer today. I went to Target and we saw this guy about go off the road. He managed to save it though.
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I'm glad they made it home safe! And you too!!!!
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Debby, I forgot to tell you I'm sorry I missed you while I was in Des Moines last week. Boy did I get one heck of a cold though. lost my voice and everything.
Looks like we are in for another bout with mother nature huh? we only got a little dusting so far, but I guess we are supposed to get more tomorrow, how about you?
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We got quite a bit of snow here in southern Iowa, but yes, we are supposed to have more tomorrow I think. It is blowing and drifting alot right now. I hope I don't have trouble driving to work in the morning, it is still dark when I leave and I have to go...I missed a couple weeks ago because I was sick and they only allow us a certain number of days until we have perfect attendance for a certain length of time...it's a screwy attendance policy...we don't even get sick days and the only way a Dr.'s note will be excused is if he fills out FMLA papers and says you need to be off work at least 3 days!
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Debby I'm so glad everyone made it home OK. I remember those kinds of storms from when I went to college in Nebraska. Not fun, and even more not fun to drive on country roads in that stuff (my best friend lives out in the country). Unfortunately, I think that's probably the same storm that just went through Denver yesterday and we were so thankful for the snow. Looks like another one is headed our way later this week, I hope it doesn't hit you guys as bad as this one did!
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We didn't get any snow this year . We are the warmest city in Canada right now and for tomorrow. No snow, just a lot of rain and cloudy days. Although I don't see much of it cause I sleep all day and work all night. Right now it's 10:10 p.m. and I have to get ready for work, so I hope the weather calms down for all of you and you have a safe week.

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