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I found my new cat

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Some of you may remember last fall I talked about adopting a second cat, partly to keep Sam company, partly because I love seeing two kitties together, and mostly to rescue another cat in need.

Today I found her. She has been named Bailey, which sounds very nice, so I may keep that. She is 4 years old, and is a small long haired ginger tabby. She was a stray, rescued when pregnant, and lived at the home of the director of the SPCA until her kittens were weaned. They have all been adopted so now mom cat is up for adoption.

She seems very sweet - just snuggled in my arms when I held her, and they said she has been well socialized with other cats and dogs at her foster home.

I will pick her up later in the week, and take her to the vet for spaying and a health check. I am thinking about boarding her at the vet for a short time until the surgery starts to heal, so we don't have that to contend with as well.

And thanks to the advice of this board, I know what to do to try and introduce the two kits with a minimum of stress.

I am so happy, it makes me want to cry.
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Congratulations on finding a playmate for Sam. You must be so excited!
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Congratulations on your new cat!!!
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That's just wonderful!! She sounds like such a sweet kitty. Sam will just fall in love with her. Tell him it's a Valentine's Day prezzie - you brought him a Valentine.

Does this mean Sam will have to share all the sweet spots you've created for him? LOL
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Congrats on the new kitty! It's so exciting to get a new addition to the family, isn't it? Bailey sounds like a real sweetheart! I hope that you get a few pictures to share with us...ya know how much we LOVE kitty pictures!! Congrats once again and keep us posted with all the new & exciting news about her!
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Congratulations, Bailey sounds fantastic!!! I hope everything goes well when she is introduced to Sam.
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Of course you realize that I went and bought bailey her own sheepskin rug and cat bed. For the rest, she can share with Sam, once they get to know each other.

I went to see her at the PetsMart again today, and can't stand to wait, so we have an appointment with the vet this afternoon, and all I have to do is set up her space in the bathroom. I can hardly wait.

I picked her up this morning, she started purring, put her paws around my neck, and snuggled her head under my chin.

I swear that when I was outside the adoption room, she was looking at me and calling me. I'm in love, I hope Sam will be soon as well.
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Sammie! I am so happy for you!!!! You sound like the purrfect kitty mommy!!!!! Bailey is in for a real treat! And so are you....
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Oh! a step by step adoption, this is almost to much to bear! PLease hurry and get that little rascal!
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OK, the bathroom is set up for her now. She has her own brand new litter box, cat bed and food dishes. Sam agreed to give her some of his toys, the ones he doesn't play with that much, and a few of his furry mice because he has dozens. We also left two towels that Sam likes to sleep on.

Poor guy knows that something is up, and has checked out every inch of the new set up in the bathroom. He also sniffed my shoulders and neck where Bailey was snuggling.

I will have to get some of his favourite treats as well, so that he knows that he is still my first and bestest cat.

I am off now to get the little sweetie, she has a vets appointment at 3:00, then we are home. I will let you all know how it goes!
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Good for you rescuing this little one. Let us know how it goes!
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Good for you! Two are always better than one!
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This is sooooo exciting!!! I can't wait for you to get back!
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Originally posted by Sammie5
I picked her up this morning, she started purring, put her paws around my neck, and snuggled her head under my chin.I swear that when I was outside the adoption room, she was looking at me and calling me.
Awwwww.....Your making me jealous!!!

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And we're home.

Sam is fascinated, and a bit overwhelmed. Bailey is very quiet, but taking it all in. I let Sam see her in the carrier, and then watch as she came out of it in the bathroom, which is Bailey's room for now. He was really curious, but a bit apprehensive, I think, and just hissed a little bit when she looked at him. But no sound at all from her, and no growling.

I bought all of Sam's favourite treats, and have been giving them to him and telling him what a good boy he is.

Right now they are on either side of a closed door meowing at each other, and reaching paws under the door.

I think this is going well.
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Sorry for the double post.

Bailey is settling down, she doesn't try to dart out when I open the bathroom door. I only have an overhead light in there, and don't want to leave that on, so I have just put a small lamp on the floor, the kind that is really a wall lamp, with a tub shade - so the light can be directed in a single direction. I put it on the floor just inside the door, it should also warm the room a lot, and wondered if I should just leave it on all night - it gets pretty dark in there without any light at all.
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Maybe you could try using a nightlight that plugs into an electrical outlet? It would provide plenty of light without making the room too bright, and it would be out of Bailey's way.
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It does sound like things are going well between the two kitties. Congrats again on your new addition!
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Morning update.

Bailey cried a bit in the night, but she has eaten, and used the litter box so that's not a worry. Now when I go in the room she just lies on the floor and looks very relaxed so I think she is getting used to us.

I open the door a bit once in a while for Sam to have a look at her, he will hiss occasionally, but without much conviction, and sometimes he just rubs noses with her.

I think this is going well, I will leave her in the bathroom for a few more days to be sure that neither cat is under stress.
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YAY!!!!!! I haven't been around for a few days - and look what happens!!!!! I'm so happy to hear about Bailey, and I'm also so glad things are going well.

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Sammie - Sam sounds a whole lot like my Peedoodle - are they related???
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I think they are twins separated at birth. And Bailey is a tiny fearless kitty. Sam just gave her a little nose rub this morning. He sits and just looks at here, perplexed, like he's thinking, what on earth are you doing here?
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That sounds like Peedoodle when he first met Kahu. Now they play together all the time. Its really funny to watch them together because Kahu will sneak up behind Peedoodle and swat him on the bum and run off and Peedoodle flips around. Hes so sneaky!
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Congrats!! 2 cats (or 3 in my case) are always funner then one
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I am just silly with happiness about this new addition to the family. Here is my first photo of her. Later, I hope I can get some pictures with her big brother Sam

Hurray - I feel very computer literate.
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I cant see the pictures.

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I can see the picture and Bailey is very beautiful!!!
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I can see it now!
Aww she is gorgeous!
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that's wonderful

i was at the S.P.C.A the other day donating some things, and there were so many cats there
i wanted to take home, breaks my heart.

i already have 3 and i don't have the room for another right now..

congratulations on Bailey she's a beauty.
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