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anyone for a road trip?

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Anyone for a road trip? I am in one of those moods to get in my car and drive with no particular destination in mind...
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can santa come?

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you bet! first stop -- north pole...

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We could all go visit Debby and see her new baby!
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I think Debby is only 4 hours from me anyway... It would be on the way. (If I'm heading west, that is.)

Leave it to me to plan the details of a rambling road trip.

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roadtrips are rad ! now let me hit you with my little fish !

yes, i did say rad
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Oh no! Debby lives in I-OH-Way! It's just over the river and through the woods from here. But I have to get past the...

dreaded Hawkeye to get to her! (Sorry, I'm an Illini grad.)
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MA, will you be bringing your horses??

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Im in.
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Sure someone can even ride them! I can just see Racer meeting a semi on the highway

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Turning my Saturn into a giant pumpkin that will fit all of us and horses, too!
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Don't forget the snacks
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Oh I like your cyber fairy godmother! I miss the beach

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I love road trips. I try to do them as often as possible
I'm a good person to go with too, cause apparently I don't get overly annoying or I don't complain the whole time.

I spend most of it enjoying the lights on the high way at night. I can't normally sleep while in the car, cause I always feel like I will miss something.
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I'm the same as you Angel, I dont like to talk in the car cos I am too busy looking out the windows. I also cannot sleep, if I do, I get sick.
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Can't sleep either - 'cept that we have deluxe accomodations with sleeping quarters on this pumpkin. Some one else may have to drive for a while. I'm not so good in traffic. I get nervous...
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Just don't take my sister! She likes to hang her head out of the window like a dog!

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Welcome to the pumpkin mobile! There's room for more... Where's our next stop?

I'm standing on the sun deck. Wait who's driving?!
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LOL Where are the white mice to pull this fine coach?
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oh - it's motor operated. i thought the cats would eat the mice.
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Come pick me up!!!!

Actually, I'll just drive beside you and jump aboard....

And can I bring my friend? He can keep Hissy's horses entertained!

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Are we going where it's warm? I am so tired of snow!!! I will bring the Pepsi!!You got chip's?
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hissy mentioned the beach. i think after we pick up everyone from upnorth (including the buffalo) we should head to cozumel.

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Or you can swing by my little cabin overlooking the ocean.That's me on the staires during my last visit.

I'll give you all a special TCS rate for the other cabins!

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oo-la-la! look at that water! let's get this pumpkin rolling!
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Before we get rollin'.... does the Pumplin mobile float?
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sure! the fairy god mother threw that in along with a free microwave and blender!
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Originally posted by Lhezzza

Shall I dance for everyone??
Always the flirt!! Can't take you anywhere!

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Every road trip need entertainment!!!!

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