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Crazy new kittens?

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Hi, I am really new to this kitten stuff. We just got 2 9 week old calico kittens. They are brother & sister and just so full of energy!! We love them and are having a good time with them, but they are into EVERYTHING!! We have 2 kids & a dog and the kittens are crazy. Is this just a kitten phase? Will they outgrow it? Is it ok to keep them in a kennel when we aren't in the same room with them? Because they get into everything!!

Then today I caught the boy pooping on the floor because his sister was using the litter box. Why didn't he just wait, or use it with her?? I can't have cats going on the floor!! What do I do?

Thank you! Any kitten advice is appreciated!

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Kittens are like babies, not very good at the holding it in thing... It might be like sharing a diaper!! It's usually recommended to have at least one box per cat and then an extra one. You might want to try that! As for the crazies, I'm pretty sure they'll outgrow it. Can you kitten proof a small room (office, den...) and leave them there with toys, tree, etc? I still do that with my 6mo when he has a crazy outburst (usually in the middle of the night) and he doesnt really whine because he feels home in there.

good luck (your kitties are adorable btw!!)
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Welcome to TCS!

The ussual rule of thumb is: one litter box per cat. Some cats like to pee in one and poo in the other. Also, if one box is occupied then the other cat still has a place to go. Kittens really can't hold it for long so it's important to have litter boxes close to where ever they are.
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Wow, those kittens are adorable!!
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