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new ring of thieves in town

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Just heard on the news that there are some kids who are now following UPS trucks and when the drivers stop and leave the packages outside, these kids run up and grab the packages and speed off.
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No shame....

I mother would beat me if she knew I did that!

(Child abuse laws did not apply to my mom.... heck, I turned out okay!!)
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ugh. that is just awful
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thats just terrible..
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now that i have a whole bevy of new emoticons at my finger tips, let me better express my feelings

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Brat's! Needs their butts hurtin!My mommy spanked me,I am normal,not a killer or something!My kids also got it when they needed it!
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Good gosh!!! What will they think of next????? *shakes head* I hope the next time they try this they end up with a big box of Depends or something really useful to them!!!
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LOL Debby!!

Thats horrible that kids would do such a thing!
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But it also goes to show that drivers need to be more careful with their trucks and not leave them open. I have seen open trucks outside houses and I always wondered, wouldnt people steal them???
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If they had come to my house yesterday they would have gotten a new cat carrier called the Cuddle and Carry. Its a top loader for my vet resistant Sally, easier to get her in and out of. I wonder what they would have done with that. And I am expecting a new jumbo litter pan. Becky
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LOL Debby! I just read your response! They try this at our house, they could make out like bandits.......hey, that's what they are- the low-lifes.
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