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Members Gallery

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I had brought this up in another thread, but hadn't said anything officially. I don't know how much work it is to do this but I think it would be cool if we had a members gallary with our photos.

just a suggestion :jarswim:
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I think it's a great idea. That way we can go see the pictures without fishing through threads.
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i'm also all for it! it's a great idea
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I agree!

It's on my list of projects. Time is what it takes! I am also planning to upgrade the forums software sometime - the new version lets you have avatars, that's like a small picture of each member (or a cartoon or whatever) next to the member name and title.

Have a look here to see how this works: http://www.sitepointforums.com

This will also take time and money so I'm not sure I'll go ahead with it right now...
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Avatars!!! i them!

when you have the time & $ they'd be a great new feature!

at another site i visit you can have avatars along with a
little message you can write right under your user name
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at one point, you could also perhaps do Private Messaging & Locations -
just another thought
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Yep, that's all in the 2.0 version of vbulletin.
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Just when I was getting it; new stuff to play with !!!! I hope I catch on. I have two questions, Blue or Anne. If the answers to them are printed somewhere just tell me where to go to read it and you won't have to spell it out again. . . . . .

#1. What does report this thread to
moderator mean?

#2. Where do I go now to lean member
# and newest member name as well who is"in house" at the time?

Thank you, overall the new stuff looks great!!!!!
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Okay, nevermind, I just found answer to #2.
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I think users can report to a moderator if they see a problem, like a post that needs editing for profanities or blatant advertising or a flame war...
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