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Gorgeous kittens, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the others when you get them and to hearing lots of stories of all four of them!
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They are sooooo lovely! Very demanding little cats, as you're starting to find out - if something's not quite to their liking you will certainly hear about it! I absolutely adore my Oriental, he's a bossy little mister with a loud voice and a lot of attitude - you will really bond strongly with those 2 little girls I just know it

You are going to have your hands full with 4 kittens, but I do think it's the right thing to do. I was a little concerned in your previous thread that 1 Bengal may find itself with energy left over once she's worn out the Siamese, but a Bengal playmate will definitely keep her (and you!) busy and entertained. Sounds as if that boy needed a good home anyway, so you're doing him and his breeder a good turn too, if you need an excuse!

I suggest you start nailing things down before the other pair arrive, 4 kittens are going to be tiring but so worth it, I'm really quite envious
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They are too cute...I love how they take care of each other too. Congrats!
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They are BEAUTIFUL!! Four kittens are a lot of fun too. I have four and my oldest is not even two years so I pretty much still have four kittens running around my house. . . Sometimes it is a little trying on your patience, but most of the time it is just wonderful to have four furry creatures to share my life with.
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Wow I'm already reassured Simba is quite handsome too:

I am attached nor to my curtains or sanity, thank god I am also thankful I have a littler robot, because four kittens must poop a lot! I simply hope the four will get along. I do not care so much if they're not all four of them in love, as long as Ive got some loving pairs we're good

Thanks for all the comments, they're lovelier every day, but sometimes I think they're little devils incarnated
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Oh. wow. Simba is to die for!

But he looks like his name should be Beelzebub to me!
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The name sounds like a porn novel when pronounced in French... not the best
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Originally Posted by TigerLord View Post
The name sounds like a porn novel when pronounced in French... not the best
Oops, sorry! Maybe Diablo, LOL.
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they are beautiful!!!
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OMG! I have been following this thread but I missed that your getting a 2nd bengal! You are going to be very busy. LoL They are all beautiful.
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Oh man I cant wait for the softpaws to get here Im scratched all over its not even funny anymore
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Sarabi and Kiara were picked up last saturday at the breeder's house 5h30 from where I live. Coincidentally she lived 15min from my mom's so I stayed and visited her until this morning at the same time.

Whereas Kiara is usually the little devil, she slept (or tried to) throughout the entire trip. It was Sarabi who sang me the opera the whole damn trip ! Wohoo! Here's how they were one hour after arriving home:

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Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by Siamese! The Girls are breathtakingly beautiful, but then I am partial to Siamese, have been my whole life!

And Bengals ... *sigh* ... I almost went with the choice for Bengals in my home, but Siamese have my heart and always will.

Your pictures are lovely and I sincerely hope you will continue to both take and post them here. I do realize that the life of a busy med student doesn't always allow for a lot of free time to pursue photography, but you do have a good eye and I will look forward to more pics of your babies as time goes by. They just make me smile.
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Photography is a passion that I will never give up You can count on me posting some pictures as they grow up !

And expect a TON from Nala and Simba...
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They are just adorable! I can't stop looking at their pics! And your new bengal is gorgeous!
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OMG, is this the cutest thread ever!? I think so.

Thanks for the cuteness warning..I would have without it

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Have you started to get to grips with what all their different noises mean yet? They really are quite different sounds than other cats make, and a very wide range of different miaow sounds

If Sonic is disturbed from a nap he grumbles and curses under his breath
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So far I can only recognize the cry they make when they're annoyed by something (or want something), and the cry they make when one sister calls the other.

They're not big talkers yet (they sleep a lot, but Kiara has a conjunctivitis so she's fighting a virus, and Sarabi probably got it as well since they're always on top of each other) but I'm certain it is to come
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they are so cute! Enjoy them and I am sure they'll accept Nala since they are young.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
they are so cute! Enjoy them and I am sure they'll accept Nala since they are young.
That's Nala and Lucifer, right? LOL!
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They're gorgeous! and hey from one hobby photographer to another!

You can see my cat photography thread here:

I had a Nikon D50 but it was stolen *sigh* so now I'm saving up for a D200 since it's dropped in price a bit now. Your photos are great and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

As for the kitten scratches, are you trimming their claws? That really makes a huge difference, also it will get better when they grow, kitten claws are really sharp little needles and the cats themselves have very little feel for how to handle them.

I'm also looking forward to seeing and hearing about your bengals when they arrive being a bit partial to them myself. Siamese come close behind though and yours look so pretty
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Your Nikita is absolutely gorgeous! I went to the vet this morning since Kiara was sneezing a little, turns out she has a conjunctivitis so I did well to bring her in. I also got proper claw cutters for kittens since those I had were too big. The breeder got them accustomed so it wasn't very complicated. I've ordered soft paws but I hear they don't work for kittens...

I'm excited AND scared at the same time of bringing in 2 Bengals. Seeing pictures around here of how big they get (look at the flying bengal thread... LOL ) - especially Simba as he's already at 4.4lbs with barely 15 weeks. They'll be probably twice as big as the Siamese and much tougher.

For this very reason the vet this morning asked if I intentioned to declaw the cats, since she said paw slashes while playing fly around fast and it could be dangerous. Having lived in Germany for a few years I have been sensibilized (don't think it's a word is it?) to this practice since in most EU countries it's illegal you know. I don't care one bit about the scratches on my hand, in fact both sisters when playing with me never scratch me, only when they're scared. I said I didn't want to because I found it was unnecessary surgery with the whole inhumane speech that goes with it. British Columbia just illegalized it as well. I admit I was never much aware of this aspect of declawing, since declawing was pretty much standard practice for years. Since they're indoor cats and will never go outside, and they're still young, I admit I'm thinking about it again. The biggest factor that's depriving me of my sleep around this issue is when I do my internship, the university places you in a private residence or house and pay your rent (so you don't end up paying two rents since you have to keep your own because you rotate hospitals for 2 years every 6 weeks), and while cats are allowed, they must be declawed as not to damage the houses since they're privately funded and renovated every year. I tried finding out if explaining they were trained on a cat tree or they wore soft paws would be ok, but they told me it was a strict rule due to past experiences.

So in essence, I either need to declaw them to be able to keep them with me more than 2 years (which is when it starts) which is selfish, or have them with me for 2.5 years and have to give them up to whoever can take care of them when I do my residency, hopefully family or friends. Plus, I need to decide this within the next few weeks before they reach 4 months old. I really do think past this point the inhumane factor is a little bigger since the pain becomes more important and the nerves are all formed. Most vets say you need this or that to ride your bankcard, so for the whole they could hurt each other argument, I don't really think it matters. But she did have solid arguments for both sides of this very fragile question. I know nobody will ever love them more than I do or take care of them better than I do. I also know declawed so young they won't even remember it and it won't affect their development or personality. But, there's the ethical aspect, which is a huge factor as well. She concluded the conversation by saying I must do what I think is best for the long term of my cats and that both sides had merit and she respected both.

All of this information about residency issue of course came after I had finalized everything with the Bengal breeder, otherwise I'd have waited on the Bengals at least. It's been bothering me for a while and nobody in my entourage understands why I would spend so much money to adopt kittens and accommodate them in the best way possible with the huge cat tree, toys, sleepypods, food, etc. Plus I can't debate over this issue with anyone I know too since it requires someone with both a love for cats and at least some basic medical knowledge on the surgery, and none of my friends, or my family or gf would understand either the conflict. They'd probably tell me just do what you think is right - the sort of unhelpful comment you get from loving friends who want to encourage you but don't really care or understand the situation Plus it's against the rules to discuss it over here as well, so I'm sort of on my own with this dilemma So much anxiety!

The conclusion of this story is that in 2 weeks my home will be filled with 4 furballs which I will love and care for with the best of my abilities. I think I'm spoiling Kiara and Sarabi too much, but when you look at those little faces, you cannot do otherwise can't you?

Expect pretty pictures of both Nala and Simba but also the group all together. That is, if they get along!

PS. Anyone heard of this wheel toy that resembles a hamster wheel but bigger and for cats? Apparently it's extremely popular in the US now. The woman I bought my cat tree from (had to buy it from the US too since we don't have those in Canada either, at least, not as nice as the one I got !) told me about them. It's supposed to be an awesome toy. Anyone heard of it? Sounds like it would be great for active cats like Bengals!
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Please don't declaw the cats. I got teary eyes reading your last post. It's horrible that the place is not going to let clawed cats live there with you. Have you told them about softpaws? The plastic sheathes you can glue onto a cats claws that makes them completely blunt?

Anyway it's not true that no one can care as well for your cats as you. Fortunately it isn't really since if you were to have an accident or something it's good to know that yes, there are other people that love cats as much as you and that they can take good care of your cats.

How long is your residency period? I would find someone that could foster them and then get them back when that's finished.

Really with luck they'll be with you for 18+ years. Missing out on a bit of time for a while and instead keeping their claws is much better for them.

Basically you're being selfish if you declaw them to keep them with you. It's much better for them to be fostered and keep all their toes. It shouldn't be hard to get someone to look after them, they're gorgeous spoiled purebred cats. Most likely they'll charm your friends. I know if something happened to me there are several people who could look after Nikita. I'm happier having her with me of course but I know she's a mentally stable cat and she would adapt.

Also your cats will have each other. There is four of them though and if you end up having to split them up, re integrating them might be tough.

Have you talked to your breeder about this? A lot of breeders have "do not declaw" clauses in the contract and you'd be in breech of a legal contract and violate the breeders trust in you to care for the kittens if you declaw them.

I know you really care about the cats so I know you'd be absolutely heartbroken if they were to suffer any of the declawing side effects that can happen. In particular sometimes cats end up with chronic pain and stop wanting to play and become fearful and timid. It doesn't happen always but it can happen and I think giving up the cats for a period is worth it to prevent that and all the other bad things that can happen with that surgery.

In addition to all that it's got good for cats to be moving all the time, so really even just the moving every 6 weeks factor makes it kinder to foster them somewhere else for those 2 years. You will be *very* busy as well during that time and caring for 4 cats can be quite a lot of work so I think it'd be better for everyone involved to find a good foster home for them during that time.
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Originally Posted by TigerLord View Post
So there you have it, my once empty apartment will be filled with four very agitated kittens. Time will tell if I made a mistake.
i am sure for about a year you will think that,until they relax some.
cant wait to see the pic of the others it looks like you wil have 4 great looking cats

As for the declaw thing, i would not do it. No matter what someone told me. They belong to you, not to the residency program
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Internship lasts approx 2 years, by the residency since you're an M.D. you do get paid and I think you can move in your own apartment. In any case this is not something I wish to publicly discuss, as it is against TCS's rules to discuss such touchy topics. Plus, it was more a rhetorical post than anything - had to let it off my chest!

I'll make sure to post more pics as soon as I have the time and the girls allow it
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Hello, your cats are just gorgeous. Just noticed you mentioned British Columbia, and that's where I live. Go Canada! I'm also a student, at UVic - Masters of Education in Psychology and Leadership Studies (mouthful).

I am getting my first purebred cat on Sunday, an Egyptian Mau. He is a silver boy, 5 months old. I absolutely can't wait.
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