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Presents From Christmas's Past

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Just wondering if anyone has a special gift from a Past Christmas that they are especially fond of?

I have a Andy Panda stuffed bear that I got when I was 4. He sits on my dresser and although he a little worn in places and is missing 1 ear he is one of my greatest treasures.
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I have a little gold cross necklace that my Godmother gave me when I was 7 years old.
I wear it day and night, it's only ever come off of my neck twice and that was because I had to have the chain replaced.
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I am not a big one for presents, but one year when we were really broke, my SO got me a book I really wanted. It is The Cornell Book Of Cats. Of course it sits in my book case where I can always see it. I am about to get another book case since my collections of various things are growing, and it will go in there, displayed where I can always see it. I had to sell half of my lava lamp collection, so I will have a good spot for it.
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Not so much an actual gift, but some memories. My favorite is our first Christmas, after marriage (we were married in that October). We had just been through the wedding, saving for a house (our lease was to be up the coming February), so we didn't have much money to spend. I set a $50 limit for each of us. Honestly, I can't remember what I got from DH; I'm sure it was nice. But, I do remember how pretty our first tree was--the first real tree I ever had. I got it myself, stuffed it into my car (on a miserable, muddy, cold, at dusk day, after work--the place was a church, who asked for donation for the trees, and they were only doing this for 3 days, so I had go then), lugged it into the apartment, and set it up. Boy, it was pretty! The realtor even commented on it. The other memories: going out to look at the lights in the nearby neighborhood, and coming home to hot chocolate (now a tradition here, now just a different neighborhood); and house-hunting over Christmas, and the excitement of buying our first house.

Other memories, not-so-good, but good in a weird way: the Christmas that my family disowned me on Christmas Eve. It was awful; I was crying all the way home. We were to go to a church service that night; but I was too heart-broken. (I did go to the later service, still crying, and pretended I had allergies, because I was ashamed of crying in public.) The good part: DH's love for me, and his family's love and support with this situation. I then realized, even though my family hated me, (and DH), I still had people who loved me.

That's the a real Christmas gift...
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