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Decoration Day! How Are Your Cats at Christmas?

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Morning All!!!!

Today I am planning on getting my decorating all done. I am curious to see how Linus and Pixie are with it since this will be the first Christmas for both of them.

Linus spent his first Christmas in the shelter, and although Pixie is about 3 since she was brought into the shelter as a stray no one knew for sure what her circumstances were prior to that.

Sassy is fairly good although he will give the balls on the bottom of the tree a smack when he walks by...

I have visions of Linus hanging from the top of the tree and Pixie swinging from the garlands

To say the least I am sure I am going to get a lot of chuckles today.
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Two words: Over Stimulated. At least in Whitey's case. Luna waits until the tree is fully up, then thoroughly examines it.

Patches and Beauty could care less.
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Well last year it was Milo who was the inquisitive one, this time I expect to see two heads in the tree, Milo and Minnie

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Yeah....Last year we only had one cat to deal with.....Oh my gosh I am NOT looking forward to it. I keep putting off decorate day (D Day).
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LOL!! I think it would be best to just tip it all on the floor and let the cats decide where the best place for it is. Could be interesting to watch if nothing else
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I love the pic of Milo with the ornament. It looks like he is hanging it up. What a nice boy to help his meowmy decorate the tree!
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It would be nice if that was the case, but he is more intent on dismantling it before Santa gets here. Any more of that behaviour and he could find himself replacing the fairy at the top.
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You are all so brave for decorating your homes and putting out a tree. We gave it up years ago!
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I can only have a tree up on a table. There's no way I could ever have a tree on the floor, Sash would destroy it. He loves to eat any artifical plants or trees or real trees. He hasn't changed at all at 15 years old, he still tries to eat anything in sight if his mommy doesn't feed him. So, no decorations or anything at Sash's level or anything he can reach.
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I'm fortunate. The tree went up today and no one has bothered it. I had more problems with Much eating the tissue paper which I used to wrap the ornaments.
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I have my tree up, but no decorations on it yet. To my amazement, none of them have taken interest in it..... yet!

As far as the other decorations around the house, they haven't touched anything.. Maybe they've grown up............. yeah, right
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I'm going to move this to our NEW forum, "What's New, Pussycat?"
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This year I put up a small tree on our kitchen table. (We never eat at it anyway! ) So far so good. Each cat has been shooed off once and it's small enough that I've been picking it up and putting it on my desk when we're asleep or out of the house.

I had some of my Christmas stuffed animals in our stockings but Noodles took a flying leap at them and started to wrestle Comet like she was in WWF or something.

My Christmas lights are giving me more trouble this year. I've got to replace my favorite strand of 'crystal' lights and my chili lights are broken too. I've checked bulbs and changed fuses. No idea what else to do but replace them.

Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I'm going to move this to our NEW forum, "What's New, Pussycat?"
I just noticed the new forum when I logged on! I love it! Now our threads about our kitties won't get lost in the general conversation in the lounge!
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Lucky is driving us crazy, she won't leave the tree or tree skirt alone, I tried putting the dryer sheets under the tree, that was suggested in another thread, it doesn't bother her a bit. I have put citrus, orange peels, that doesn't bother her either, neither does being sprayed with water. she runs full speed, goes under the tree skirt and goes in circles. by the time Santa gets her there will be no tree
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I just put my tree up yesterday, normally I wouldn't put it up until the 1st but I want to try to 'train' Jupey not to play with it before I decorate. So far he's not been too bad, I have been eating satsumas and putting the peel under the tree and spraying the branches with pet repel-all... it now smells really bad but it is still in one piece! Jupey's at the destroy everything stage... I'm so thankful he's such a nice cuddly cat so I can't help loving him or I'd kill him! (Yes I know as soon as the baubles go on it's going to be a different story )

Thankfully Fable's never been too bad with the tree, he just knocks a few baubles off the bottom in the night which I have to put back on in the morning. He's such a lazy boy.
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We don't put a tree up anymore - its just less to worry about
We put lights up & our cats aren't interested in them so thats our decorating!
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We used to get potted trees, and use them for a couple of years before planting them in the yard. A couple of years ago, we bought an artificial tree, because Jamie was "overstimulated" by real ones. Glass/breakable ornaments haven't been used in years, the tree goes up on Christmas Eve, and is taken down on January 2nd at the latest, and I get to spend every morning hunting for and rehanging every single ornament!

It would probably be easier not to have a Christmas tree at all, but Jamie has so much fun with his "cat toy tree" that I wouldn't want to deny him the pleasure.
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Originally Posted by u8myufo View Post
Well last year it was Milo who was the inquisitive one, this time I expect to see two heads in the tree, Milo and Minnie

aww! gorgeous kitty
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