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Ooh! Check out this cool cat tower!

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Love that condo!

CozyCat Condos
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Wow!! Quite the set-up.....Wow at the price also! $300 CDN + shipping + tax is a little out of my budget!!!

Look over there Nakita!!!There's a super improved bottle cap over there to play with! It's as fun as any cat condo....I promise!

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I Like it~~~
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Its a little out of my budget too. I am a member of Sam's Club and I was browsing thru their website, and I found this kitty tower for $77.93, not a bad price.

Kitty Tower
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I bought one a Cost-co for 80.00

6' feet tall.... I'll take a picture and post!

Cooper LOVES it!
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Wow Hissy!!! That is awesome!!!
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I want it! I WANT it! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all I have to do is figure out how do stash the $$$ away to pay for it!!!!!!!any ideas???
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My cats would love it, especially if it were under the shelf where the fish is!
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amazing!! I wish I had room for something like that. maybe all my kitties would get along then

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LOL! Colby I love your emoticon! Somehow I think Cracker, Barrel and ??? What's her name again? Trouble??? Are getting along just fine!
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Her name is copeland the wonderfully sweet and affectionate unless you're another cat kitty.

They still growl and hiss at each other and have mini stand offs where they stare at each other for hours. C & B still won't come up stairs.

this is what my 3 kitties aren't doing~

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I love it!!!

Can you believe I have never bought Whiskers anything like that??? I think I should surprise her some day....
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that looks like so much fun. I guess i will just have to move the sofa out into the garage to make room for it.
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I know her name- I was being a smart aleck- they will get along very soon just watch, and try not to freak out....

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Mine are going to have to be content with tables, beds and sofas. Besides, Pearl would probably try to climb it, too. That's all that I need- an airborne dog!
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These are my cat posts. The first one is a 6'5" driftwood one my friend makes and he sells them all over vancouver island and down into the states recently, I paid $200 for it. http://groups.msn.com/RELM/mypics.ms...to&PhotoID=321
The second one is a 6' one I bought at a Bosley's Pet Store for $100 http://groups.msn.com/RELM/mypics.ms...to&PhotoID=322
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