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Feeling better today

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What with loosing Amber at the weekend and having the flue for the past week and still cant shake it off, Oh!! and the weather being cold and wet I was feeling at an all time low yesterday. However waking up this morning to a brighter day with sunshine things seemed better. I spotted a Robin flitting around Ambers little spot in the garden, I am pretty sure if she was there then she wouldnt have bothered chasing it, that would have been too much effort on her part, I have also spent some time printing some pics of her and have made a large collage to hang up. I could not find a single picture where it depicted her burning up energy. Oh well thats enough talking for me, thanks again to everybody for their support.
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Each day will get a bit easier for you. You're love for Amber won't end, but the pain will fade a bit more each day, to be replaced by all of the loving and happy memories you shared with Amber. Just take it one day at a time.
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Im sorry about Amber (that weird, thats my name too) She's in a better place right now. Im glad things are getting better though. I do find that I have some good days and some bad days. One day Ill be fine, the next I wake up with the uncontrollable urge to cry!
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I went back and read your original thread and saw the beautiful pictures of your Amber.

Here we are just finishing a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving and its hard to imagine what an awful week it must have been for you and the wife. I'm glad you have Milo to help you.

It does get easier. We lost a cat 13 years ago and there are still days when I miss her, but they usually start by remembering how wonderfully funny and beautiful she was. That is how it goes I think. The sadness lessens as you remember more of the wonderful times you shared with your beautiful little cat.
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How precious to see a robin about Amber's little spot! I really like the idea of the collage, too - viewing it will be such a comfort to your wife & you! Thank you for sharing with us how it's going - there are so many people who visit this site and are too shy to join - seeing your posts will help them to have the love and courage to do the right thing for their kitties
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Thanks for those words. As I walk up the path in the mornings to work I say hello to Amber as I pass her spot. I feel for Milo though, night times was when he and Ambie Bambie would go out for a stroll around the garden and field. when he comes through the cat flap he stops and turns expecting her to be right behind him ready for some breakfast. Little Minnie has not quite got the hang of going through the flap yet but she`s getting there slowly, when she is confident then he will have some company once again.
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