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How Many........

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of you have cats that don't look you in the eye very often? One of ours will avoid looking us in the eye except when she's getting fed and a few other intances. Our new boy will look us in the eye a lot.
It's funny. I think Enya just has a more independant nature.
Our 2 are still progressing in their relationship very well. They napped together a couple of times this past weekend and are grooming each other, mainly our first (Enya)grooming our 2nd (Blaze), although yesterday I saw Blaze doing it more. Poor Blaze about got his ears washed off at the start of the week. Enya would wash his ears, then our dog would do it several times, but he didn't seem to mind. He's a pretty mellow guy for the most part.
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For Ivo, it depends on the situation. During our cuddling sessions, when she's begging at the door to go out, or when I talk to her she'll make eye contact. She seems uncomfortable with close-up eye contact-if she's on her kitty condo and I walk up to her, she'll turn her head away even if I talk to her.
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Hmmmm.. Don't think I have ever had one like that no.
My 3 perminate cats love to play stairing games all the time. Tage especailly likes to watch me while I sleep, or while I'm on my computer.
I'll look down at the floor and see him with his wide open pupiles and the face saying "mommy mommy pick me up! Plllleease!" and I'm just like "no, not right now Tage." and he stairs at me even harder lol. Eventually he looses interest.

They all of to stare into my eyes first thing in the morning when I'm still in bed.
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I know with feral cats, if you look them in the eyes, they go on the attack, because they percieve what you are doing as a threat. I never make eye contact with any of my crew.
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I agree with the last post looking a cat in the eye is aggrassive to them. They do not like it in most cases.
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Trent was a home-raised kitten and he looks us in the eyes all the time. Ophelia was a feral kitten, and she hates for us to look her in the eyes. She doesn't go into attack mode any more, but she will definitely tell us off. I told hubby that she considers us rude when we do it, and she definitely tells us so!
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