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Cat Litter choices

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I am currently using Ever Clean Unscented cat litter. It's wonderful as far as the clumping goes, and it's very fine grained, which is what my cats seem to prefer. However, it's gone up in price considerably - started off paying $16.99 for a 40 lb box a few years ago. They switched from a box to a plastic bucket a few years back and the price went up to $17.99. However, it's steadily risen and is now up to $20.99 for a 40 lb bucket. The last time I made a switch in litters it ended up in a major disaster. With 13 cats, it's easy to assume that all are using the litter boxes, but apparently 2 weren't when I switched over to feline pine and they started using the corner of my family room! I'd like to avoid that again, so I'm trying to find something as close in texture to the Ever Clean as I can.

So, what are recommendations for a scoopable clay cat litter that is hard clumping, very fine grained in texture and unscented that is also reasonably priced? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't know what it would cost in your area, but the Arm & Hammer unscented is pretty fine grained and clumps well. I try other litters, but wind up coming back to it, and it's a mid level price in my area.
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I like Fresh Step Free-it's fine grained, very soft to the touch. There are no perfumes or dyes. It clumps great too. The cost is $11.50 for a 28lb bucket.
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Thanks. I'll check them out.
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