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Introducing a New Forum!

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What's New Pussycat is now open for your threads and posts

This is the place to share all your cat tales, cute cat stories and antics. Anything that is general in nature, not directly related to health, behavior or cat care and you want to talk about - bring it right on!
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I love this new forum.
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This forum is great!!! I love it because now all our funny/cute stories won't get so buried in the general chatter in the Lounge!
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I'm liking this forum for the same reason! Thanks Anne!
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OOOOOOOO exciting!
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someone had a really good idea!! Good Work everyone!
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I just love this section! Thanks for the new addition Anne!
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Great new forum, it's a relaxing place to be which is what I need right now! Thanks!
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I just discovered this, and I love it!
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Sweet great idea!!! That will clean up the cat lounge a bit!!!!
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